News Briefs 15-07-2016

“In the fields with which we are concerned, knowledge exists only in lightning flashes…”

Quote of the Day:

“…The text is the thunder rolling long afterwards.”

Walter Benjamin

    1. plenty
      Indeed, there is an excess of this stuff.
      All it needs is the right way to apply excess energy. There is no water shortage on this planet. And with global warming, we are going to melt some of the unavailable water too.

      As with any commodity in a highly populated area, it just needs to be managed in a organized way. Plenty of free sunlight is available for desalination, we can make all the fresh water we want.

  1. games
    Certainly the performance of the missile defense system describe does not inspire a feeling of safety for those of us living on the West Coast. Or for anyone for that matter.

    However, 1/3 of the targets have been hit, even if the tests wer optimistic for the defense system. What does this do for the risk for the potential attacker? Does it make an attack more likely, or less likely?

    Most likely a successful attack would result in the destruction of the military power in the attacking country, with many innocent victims. How about an attack that is prevented from doing damage, when the system actually works? Conventional war, with perhaps more victims than a limited nuclear strike?

    The bet from those who support the development is that it is good money for their constituency, and nothing bad will happen anyway. Certainly it is nice money. But what if something does happen? Politicians seem to assume that the outcome will be the simplest and most favorable, and then it doesn’t and they are confused. See the Brexit stuff for the most recent example.

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