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News Briefs 06-07-2016

Here and now:

  • Possible remains of the Buddha found in China.
  • Rock art on Danish island of Bornholm older than previously thought.
  • Shaman woman’s grave from 10,000 BC discovered in Galilee.
  • Stone Age text links Australia to Europe: initial evidence for worldwide travel by an ancient Stone Age civilization.
  • “Leaders of otherplanets are worried” – Confused EU President talks about extraterrestrials.
  • Listen to the LHC’s weird, whale-like sounds.
  • German ‘Stonehenge’ opens to the public.
  • Scientists say Serpent Mound as old as Aristotle.
  • What alien abductees’ stories tell us about humanity.
  • Possible discovery of ancient mother and baby with elongated heads in Bolivia.
  • Scientists warn of ‘global climate emergency’ over shifting jet stream.
  • Massive ‘lava lamp‘ blobs deep inside Earth have scientists puzzled.
  • Single-celled organisms forced to play life-or-death Pac-Man.
  • Stanley Kubrick’s daughter has some choice words for moon landing truthers.
  • A fifth force: fact or fiction?

Quote of the Day:

Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.

Albert Einstein

  1. Buddha bones
    [quote=]The archaeologists who made the discovery are agnostic as to whether the bone actually belonged to the Buddha.[/quote]

    The term “agnostic” should not have been used here. “Skeptical” would have been perfectly acceptable without the author trying to make a big word out of it and making it sound like the archeologists lacked a belief in Buddha. Besides, until further testing is done, if it is allowed, there is no proof that this is the grave of Buddha, so it makes sense to be “skeptical.”

  2. Aliens are concerned
    Yeah OK…but what about Trump? FFS be concerned about that aliens! I have no faith in my fellow Americans that there is enough of us who think he is a basket case!

    Sorry to get political.

    1. Kubrick’s Daughter
      Curiously, the popularly proffered “conspiracy theory” of the faked moon landings continually misrepresents what Jay Weidner pointed out in his analysis of the laughably glaring symbolism in The Shining – that it was the first moon landing putatively hoaxed and not the subsequent ones (The “7-UP” bottle scene) – the idea being that the panicked US imperative was to be “first” on the moon before the Russians, and that the subsequent landings were all genuine.

      We have no idea as to whether or not Kubrick may have just been “having some fun with us,” but have some fun he did one way or the other.
      It may have been that he was approached with the idea as a trial balloon at some point and that it came to nought, but it would be just like Kubrick to make some hay of it and “run with it” cryptically. Besides, it’s great technique for hyping a film by innuendo.

  3. Juncker Lost In Translation
    Which of these two translations of the Juncker Youtube is accurate? (Both have appeared on versions of this Youtube.)

    “I saw and listened to and heard some of the other planet’s leaders.”

    “I have met and listened to leaders of other planets”

    The first translation may have been the actual intent with the adjective “other” carelessly transposed. It perhaps should have said “the planet’s other leaders.”

    1. Lost in translation
      Over the years I’ve developed my own way of translating YouTube videos which has much more to do with how many black plastic garbage bags I’ve seen posing as Bigfoot than with how fluent I am in foreign languages.

      With that in mind, here’s my version:

      “I have met with and listened to some of the planet’s other leaders…”

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