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News Briefs 08-06-2016

What’s happening:

Quote of the Day:

All science is a function of the soul… in which all knowledge is rooted.

Erwin Schrödinger

  1. fear of fire
    From earliest evidence of fire-making in Europe, with my emphasis:

    Dr Michael Walker, an Emeritus professor at Murcia, who led the research, told MailOnline: ‘Of enormous significance here, from the standpoint of human evolution, is that it implies early humans a million years ago had lost the fear of fire that causes other animals to flea before it.

    ‘It implies an evolution of human cognitive awareness far beyond that of the great apes of the African jungles, or even the two-legged Australopithecine hominids of between four and two million years ago in Africa.’

    I have a photo of one of my cats sitting about 2 1/2 feet directly in front of a fire in a fireplace — a fairly large Yule fire at that. My cat had been ‘meditating’ on the fire (starring calmly at the fire, and nothing else) for at least 40 minutes before our host decided to preserve the moment for posterity.

    Is this unusual? Does anyone else have a pet that isn’t afraid of fire in a fireplace, or of a campfire?

    Is it only pets, or can all animals discern when a fire isn’t spreading, and isn’t likely to spread?

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