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News Briefs 18-05-2016

More nonsense

Quote of the Day:

I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells

Dr. Seuss

  1. forest
    As soon as I saw the link I knew which one you posted about. The timber industry always has the best excuses for destroying a forest. “To stop bark beetles” in a million year old wood is as bad as the excuse they tried to use in the Siskiyou Mountains here in the US; claiming that that felling the trees would only help the predators get more food. Well clearly nature is doing fine without you and has for billions of years. Not to mention the exvuse of bark beetyles was used by the timber industry here in the US and now they’ve moved on to eat trees in out neighborhoods and in Washington DC. So now we need to spend more on bug spray that further pollutes the environment. I’m surprised the EU hasn’t gotten involved. They are usually quick to sue over environmental issues. Greenpeace is a joke as bad as PETA. Frankly anytime you have humans invading the sanctity of a national park, it disguises me. My misanthropy has peaked today.

    1. The Polish Wild
      The problem a lot of these so called “pristine forests” are saddled with is fire suppression. Any true wilderness should be be allowed to burn as well as be free of logging. It may take a few centuries of non-interference to actually restore the original ecosystem though.

      Native Americans before the Anglo invasion used to set fire to the landscape routinely so as to create a forest of “edge” with open areas which did indeed boost populations of grazers but they did not log the forests, so the essential cycle of returning timber biomass to the soil remained intact.

      Prairie ecosystems require periodic burning in order to suppress forest advancement. A friend of mine runs a non-profit that specializes in prairie restoration which requires controlled burning every few years to mimic the burning that used to result from lightning strikes when prairies were more extensive.

      1. fires
        I agree with you about the fires. It’s not the same for cutting down trees though. It does nothing for the soil or nutrients for the trees. Fires are a natural part of the forest as long as it’s not a human who caused it.

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