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News Briefs 11-05-2016

I’m sure there’s a turtle-y reasonable explanation…

  • NASA just detected oxygen in the Martian atmosphere.
  • Oldest known axe discovered in Australia, claim researchers.
  • Does the brain filter out a wider awareness?
  • Lessons from ‘living cadavers‘.
  • Will we ever know why Nazi leader Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland in the middle of World War II?
  • New evidence may help solve famous Rendlesham UFO incident.
  • Earth’s mantle moves up and down ‘like a yo-yo‘.
  • Severe droughts explain the fall of the Maya.
  • NASA’s Kepler Mission announces largest collection of planets ever discovered.
  • Japanese diver tends an underwater shinto shrine for 25 years, makes friends with a local fish. (h/t @metaleptic)
  • Psychedelic activists aren’t the LSD-dropping hippie flakes you think they are.
  • Literally “knowing by heart”: Signals from heart to brain prompt feelings of familiarity.
  • Russia’s ‘Satan II’ missile to be deployed by 2018.
  • Why are Russia’s journalists so prone to conspiracy theory? (Entertainingly bad English)

Quote of the Day:

Science is a turtle that says that its own shell encloses all things.

Charles Fort

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