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  • Found: Lovecraft-Houdini manuscript.
  • Son of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood to burn punk memorabilia worth millions in protest of state-backed “40th Anniversary of Punk” celebrations.
  • A new book about Robert Anton Wilson is due in 2017.
  • Isaac Newton was the world’s original counterfeiter cop.
  • The spiritual machines: What if artificial intelligence was enlightened?
  • Researcher finds Protestant Reformation secrets hidden in England’s oldest print bible.
  • Black hole emitted red flashes with power of 1,000 suns, study reveals.
  • Cybersecurity official warns selfies may be used for ‘black magic’.
  • Newly-found species shows Tyrannosaurus Rex had brains before might.
  • Your brain’s music circuit has been discovered.
  • Study finds “Seasonal Affective Disorder” doesn’t exist. 🙁
  • Occult collection of Doreen Valiente, the ‘mother of modern witchcraft’, to go on public display at Brighton’s Preston Manor.
  • Life may have started shortly after Earth formed.
  • The Palpa Lines: created 1000 years prior to the Nazca lines.
  • High-power biological wheels and motors imaged for first time.
  • Scientists may have solved the mystery of the desert’s ‘fairy circles’.
  • No neocortex, Corvex? Why neuroscientists need to study the Crow.
  • The age of the fact, that began with the Magna Carta, is now over.
  • Scientists discover that the breathtaking Ellora Caves have been preserved by Hemp.
  • Tiny, 3,300-year-old metal weapons, possible war god offerings, discovered in Arabia.
  • The London Stone is to be rehoused.

Quote of the Day:

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.

1984 by George Orwell