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Meet Puppet Alan Watts

When Alan Watts passed away on the 16th of November, 1973 we lost one of the west’s great philosophers and speakers. He had a knack for transmuting the esoteric into the familiar, leaving us a legacy of radio shows, lectures, and books on eastern thought.

In the 2013 film her the artificial intelligences, called OSes, were able to resurrect Alan Watts from his writings and lectures as one of their own. Sadly, her remains a fantasy and we’ll (probably) never experience what it’s like to be in Alan’s presence for one of his talks. Fortunately we can come pretty darned close with his puppet incarnation!

Enjoy Myra Stuart and Megan Clifton breathing new life into Alan, blowing the minds of a new generation with Watts’s insights on their website and Facebook page.

Gratz to Cat Vincent for sharing this!

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