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UFO/Alien spacecraft emerging from clouds


(A special ufologically-flavoured edition of the Plutocratic Exit Strategy.)

How the Plutocrats could realistically fake an alien invasion invasion to enable a takeover of select cities, and cover their Exit to Mars, or elsewhere, using classified prototype vehicles kitted out with an alien aesthetic. How they could have been working on this since at least the early 20th Century, as just one part of the “enlightened elite’s” Technocratic Project.

How could the Plutocracy utilise the public understanding of the UFO Phenomenon and expectation of the likely unfolding of an alien invasion? This was the subject of my article for the recent special issue of New Dawn magazine focusing on UFOs, and something I’m continuing to unpack in this series. In Part 1 I began this examination by looking at how the narrative has been constructed over time, starting from the early 1960s. Specifically, looking at an episode of the spy-fi TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E, who’s plot was an early iteration of this idea.

In this second part of the second instalment of a planned three part series, we continue this exploration of how a Plutocratic Exit Strategy could be executed through utilisation of the common conception of an alien invasion. We start by noting how similarly the rockets of the private (plutocratic) space program map onto the well established, through science fiction, landing behaviour of an alien mothership. We then look at how – from the 1940s through to the present time – world leaders have continued to pitch the same notion that things would be “so much better” if the world had the threat of alien invasion to unite against; continuing to cement the concept in the minds of generation after generation, through constant repetition – adjusted only in tone for the audience it’s being delivered to.

Please note that I’m in no way saying an alien invasion – faked or otherwise – is any likelier now than at other moment in time. Or trying in any way to reduce the true mystery of the UFO Phenomenon to a simple (albeit super high tech, fully Clarkean) magician’s trick, or explain it away as mass hallucination. The point here is to armour ourselves with a wider grasp of what might be possible, and how we might be lead astray, to get even a small step closer to comprehending things both as they truly are, for better or worse – especially in a media landscape of ever escalating ontological warfare – and have the mental toolkit to imagine how things might otherwise be, for the benefit of us all.

If an alien invasion suddenly hits the world exactly like you’ve seen in the movies etc, it’s almost certainly a trap. RUN. You don’t have to be faster than the harvester drones, just quick-witted enough to get away from the entranced masses.

There’s a reason I have to bust out neologisms like “conspiratorial design faction” in my twitter bio to describe my work. I hope you find some benefit from spending some time with the in-depth exploration of these concepts in this series.

Let’s dive back in.


There’s a much longer story to be told – but not one that will be told today – about how Elon Musk is actively fulfilling the dreams, and realising the plans, of the man who was both an SS Officer and NASA employee. The man who invented the V2 rocket for Nazi Germany that attacked Allied cities across Europe during World War II and the Saturn V rocket that took humans to the Moon and launched the Skylab space station; Wernher von Braun.

There’s an even longer story to be told about the Russian Cosmists, and how those crazy, quirky Christians laid so much of the theoretical groundwork the more well known rocket scientists would build on.

hey how about that time a Nazi helped a 30th Degree Mason orbit the Earth
John Glenn [left] & Wernher von Braun [right]
Thanks to Disney though – and the Space Military Industrial Entrainment Complex it’s a part of – von Braun is for many the face of the Space Age. So it’s no surprise to find the plutocrats actively

fulfilling the man’s vision:

Immediately after separation, the first stage would have deployed from its base a 217-foot-wide “ring-shaped ribbon parachute” made of steel mesh. At its deployment altitude, air resistance would be minimal, so stage and parachute would continue to coast upward to an altitude of about 40 miles before turning nose-down and falling toward the ocean. The conical blast shield would help to protect it from aerodynamic heating during descent.

It would attain a descent velocity of 150 feet per second by the time it fell to 150 feet above the water. At that moment, small solid-propellant motors would have ignited and burned for two seconds, gently lowering the first stage into the sea 189 miles downrange of the launch site.” ~ Wernher von Braun’s Fantastic Vision: Ferry Rocket [WIRED]

You can’t tell me that’s not almost exactly what SpaceX is doing here, trying to gently land a rocket on a robot barge – their single incremental improvement on von Braun’s outline.

Suffice to say that in an alternate history written soon after the Allied Victory, any literal genius on the level of Philip K. Dick (PKD) could tell you exactly how it could’ve otherwise played out – and then written a story from that perspective – illustrating how that world ruled by the Axis Powers might have looked and felt.

Take, for instance, how people might have travelled then across the Greater Reich.

The retro-jets started then, so suddenly and loudly, shaking the ship so violently, that a number of passengers gasped. Mr. Baynes smiled, and in the aisle seat across from him, another passenger, a younger man with close-cropped blond hair, also smiled.” ~ The Man In The High Castle, Philip K. Dick (1963)

It’s taken over half a century for the world to be able to see what PKD envisaged in his mind’s eye, but now that part of his dystopian mindset can be sampled via a GIF set. The Plutocratic Space Programs of Elon Musk – and to a lesser extent – Jeff Bezos totally did it:

Space X’s Falcon 9 [via]

Blue Origin’s vertical landing [via]
These demonstrations, both successful and unsuccessful, of what is still by today’s standards – despite being envisaged in the 1930s – advanced prototypes of rocket-powered flight vehicles, aren’t just the realisation of the Nazi Space Plan… they also behave exactly how you’d expect an alien mothership to land.

Elon Musk quipped as much recently, whilst throwing some shade on Boeing’s rocket designs:

If you saw a movie about the future with aliens landing, how do they land? Like that. Okay? Obviously it’d be kind of weird if the aliens landed in the ocean with parachutes, we’d be like okay, nothing to fear.

Again the message is reinforced, this time direct from the unofficial spokesperson for the Technocratic Project himself: if the aliens don’t act like aliens, if they don’t fulfill that carefully constructed perception, how would we know to fear them? Implicitly for our purposes also saying: how then could a False Flag Alien Invasion that doesn’t invoke these characteristics ever hope to succeed?

In its pilot episode, the new TV drama Colony, set in the aftermath of an alien invasion, has the following scene – where the select few gather in their luxurious gated community to watch the technomagical alien others make a public demonstration of their clear superiority.

Why is that man, acting as a local proxy for the alien powers, so smug? Is it because he’s been in on the plan from the beginning?


The original idea – popularly known as the N.W.O Takeover via False Flag Alien Invasion – has a long history. It’s been publicly voiced by such world leaders as the UK’s Anthony Eden, when acting as Foreign Secretary, before succeeding Churchill as the Prime Minister, and crucially for our purposes, repeatedly stated by US President Reagan in his speeches during the 1980s and echoed very recently by US President Bill Clinton in conversation on a late night talk show.

The UFO Files - The Inside Story of Real-life Sightings excerpt

The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real-life Sightings by David Clarke [via Google Books]
Let’s take a look at the footage available online for these world leaders talking about how the world would come together.

First, we have the serious statesman Reagan almost repeating verbatim the words of Sir Anthony Eden; very clearly on the same page. Speaking three times in the mid-to-late years of the 1980s, the good Christian Reagan prays that if only there was a greater external, extra terrestrial, threat then the Cold War would instantly be over, and the two great superpowers… the entire world… would be united to fight against these alien invaders.

Fast-forward roughly twenty years and we have a very relaxed Bill Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live in April, 2014, happily recalling how he personally pursued the disclosure of the UFO Phenomenon during his Presidency, around the lead up to the anniversary of the incident at Roswell. His investigations finding only that advanced prototype stealth craft are being constructed in the secret installation located at Area 51 – as if that’s a given, and moving on. Repeating the same sentiment as his presidential predecessor, only with a more Boomer, ‘peace-loving’ spin to it.

If they’re out there, think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader”.

“I just hope that it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. It may be the only way to unite us in this increasingly divided world of ours.”

Then, almost exactly a year later, in March 2015, we have the sitting President, Barack Obama, being interviewed on the same program – being asked almost the exact same questions. Obama, in a very knowing and self-deprecating manner, totally giving off a Gen X attitude, engages directly with the Zeitgeist and its lore around UFOs & Area 51, whilst the host, Kimmel, prompts him on live TV to address the future YouTube audience.

From meetings between world leaders, and casual conversations with talk show hosts, the narrative around an alien invasion has been constantly reinforced and adapted for the contemporary audience.

A process that has maintained its effectiveness in enabling its deployment if and when it should be needed to enable an N.W.O-style takeover of the world under a single government, or a P.E.S-style Exit to a series of Walled and Off-World Cities.

How effective has this penetration and colonisation of the public consciousness been? How engaged by the various competing and intersecting narratives that have been constructed and put forward by genuinely independent researchers and agents of the Powers-That-be alike?

…a 2012 poll showed that nearly 80% of Americans believe the government has concealed information about UFOs” [HuffPo]

As Red Pill Junkie reported, the UFO Phenomenon has moved so far to the fore of the popular mindset that, for would-be President Hilary Clinton it has, for however briefly – and it sure would be something to see the polling numbers on this! – become a part of her campaign.

There is a flip side to this, of course. Accepting the idea that the Government is concealing such information requires accepting the implicit logic that they’re actually capable of doing so and are completely in control. It reinforces their own narrative and status: their core civilisational mythology of being the ultimate power on the planet and “leaders of the free world.” None dare call it an Empire!

This deflects attention from such conspiratorial notions – or straight forward critical observations – that the US Government is, via campaign contributions and other mechanisms, effectively acting as a front for Plutocratic Interests, and that the decisions the President makes largely consists of choosing between the options put forward to them by the Deep State.

I define the American Deep State as a hybrid association of elements of government and top-level finance and industry that is able, through campaign financing of elected officials, influence networks and co-option via the promise of lucrative post-government careers, to govern the United States in spite of elections and without reference to the consent of the governed.” ~ An oligarchy has broken our democracy. It must be dislodged. [The Guardian]

As we’ll explore in a later instalment in much more detail, managing dissent is just as important as managing consent. An unhappy patron at a restaurant demands to see the manager, not the owner – and is never aware of its silent partners. In this way, the narrative created around the alien aesthetic serves multiple functions, as this clip from the Babylon 5 universe illustrates perfectly:

from Crusade‘s episode spoofing The X-Files – The Visitors From Down The Street
A plan without the ability to execute it is just a pipe dream. For a False Flag Alien Invasion to be effective it requires not just the public to have a strong sense of an alien aesthetic, it also requires the ability to deploy suitably impressive, and apparently technomagical advanced craft kitted out appropriately to provide that overwhelming Shock & Awe tactic.

This is where the investigation of this scenario turns to a more physical and technical dimension, looking at the blurry edges of the Classified World and beyond. Because if there are layer-upon-layer of secrets and machinations to be peeled back, nothing fits the internal logic – especially as elaborated within the science-fictional construction of the alien aesthetic – better than there being technology & craft that have truly long broken away from even the barely visible to mortal eyes Black Budget territory of the Classified World. A murky place, one whose borders are patrolled by its own secret agents. This is where we enter the realm of not just the Breakaway Civilisation and the Secret Space Program, but also the mythic Men-In-Black. What if, in a shocking twist, they’re actually the ones saving us from a N.W.O Takeover?

To be continued next week in ORIGINS OF THE FALSE FLAG ALIEN INVASION – Part 3: Hacking Ontology & Projecting Power Through Technology.

In Memory of Mac Tonnies
Special acknowledgements to Emily Dare, @thejaymo and, as ever, Gordon White for helping push me further down this particular wormhole.

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