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Hidden Chamber in Tutankhamun’s Tomb “Full of Treasures”

In 2015, Egyptian officials announced they were 90% sure Tutankhamun’s tomb contained a hidden chamber. Egyptologist Nicolas Reeves found a number of strange fissures and cracks in the walls of the room, and suggested the famous queen Nefertiti could be buried there.

According to Spanish newspaper ABC, Egypt’s Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou may have just leaked the biggest discovery in Egyptology since Gantenbrink sent a robot up a pyramid shaft. During a visit to Spain a few weeks ago, Zaazou couldn’t contain his excitement:

“We do not know if the burial chamber is Nefertiti or another woman, but it is full of treasures. It will be a ‘Big Bang’, the discovery of the 21st Century.”

Unfortunately, Zaazou made no mention of a Stargate or our old mate Zahi. The news will officially be announced in April, presumably including a look inside the (once) hidden chamber and its shiny treasure trove.

Nefertiti Tutankhamun Egypt ancient hidden tomb

Thermal scan Tutankhamun tomb Nefertiti Egypt

Top image via Nicholas Reeves. Thermal scan image via Channel 5/King Tut’s Tomb – The Hidden Chamber.

It seems Egypt is riddled with secret chambers and tunnels, including the most iconic ancient monument, the Great Pyramid of Giza. In 2015, Thermal scans revealed an “impressive anomaly” that could be a secret passageway or chamber. There’s been no word when, or if, the pyramid’s anomaly will be investigated.

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