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Another Starman Sails Away: Vale Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Last year, after attending the infamous Be-Witness presentation, some of my friends invited me to their podcasts so I could share my impressions about the farcical event organized by Jaime Maussan. They were particularly interested in learning about the reaction of the audience after the ad-nauseamly discussed Roswell slide was revealed –were they disappointed or outraged?

I know I did end up disappointed. Not because of the alleged proof presented by the Roswell ‘Dream Team’ and Maussan, though –since I was already prepared to take it with deer lick of salt– but because at the last minute, Maussan announced one of his guest stars for the event hadn’t been able to make it: Dr. Edgar Mitchell; the 6th man to walk on the Moon, who because of his deteriorated health, was forced to follow the advice of his doctors and decided to cancel his trip to Mexico city. Of all the UFO celebrities Maussan had invited to join him at the National Auditorium that night, Dr. Mitchell was the *only* one I was genuinely looking forward to seeing onstage when I paid for my ticket.

Sadly, now I’ll never have that chance again. Dr. Mitchell’s family has just recently announced he passed away last night at around 10 pm, at a local hospice; just one day away of celebrating the 45th anniversary of Apollo 14th’s lunar landing. He was 85 years old.

Of the 12 Apollo astronauts who walked on the Moon, only 7 now remain alive –Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean,David Scott, John W. Young, Charles Duke, Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. They won’t be around for much longer, and I fear a long time may pass before we replenish our batch of explorers, who have actually set foot outside of our world.

When we choose to remain still, we do a disservice to the memory of these men.

Predicting the future is a risky game, because more than likely you’ll end up making a fool out of yourself in the face of unborn generations; nevertheless, I dare to guess that in the future the name of Edgar Mitchell will actually be most remembered, not for his involvement in the early stages of space colonization; and not even for his somewhat-questionable activism in support of the UFO reality and the push toward Disclosure. No, I think our descendants will still remember his name because of his support on the exploration of the mysteries of Consciousness, through his founding of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which I suspect will have a pivotal role to play in our transition toward a new reality paradigm. It is then when Mitchell’s name will stand tallest from the rest of his astronaut brothers, and will be regarded as a Magellan who charted the course to a better future for humanity; a future he managed to feetingly glimpse on his return to the Moon, when he experienced a feeling of ‘Unity’ with the entire universe:

Safe travels, Dr. Mitchell. And thank you.

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  1. Posterity
    Dr. Mitchell was an admired and accomplished man beyond the achievement of his journey to the moon, and as such will never be forgotten. But I demur on one point. Neil Armstrong will always be remembered first and foremost among the pioneers of space because his were the first human footprints on the moon.

    (PS: Please spare us the moon hoax/aliens on the moon/ancient aliens comments here. A giant has passed and should be respected and honored.)

    1. Demuring
      Well, that was kind of my point: That his contributions to the exploration of inner space, will be more honored than his contributions to the exploration of outer space 🙂

    2. Seven Up
      In response to the “conspiracy theorists crashing the funeral” comment I am reasonably sure that Mitchell set foot on the moon, but the prevailing theory about The Shining (if you don’t think Kubrick was just pulling our leg) is that the “first” mission was faked – not the subsequent missions. This notion is derived from the “7 UP” scene as shown at the end of Weidner’s essay:

      I don’t have any idea whether Kubrick was telling us some truth, or just jerking us around for the fun of it, but the symbolism in the The Shining is blatant and fascinating which may have been Kubrick’s sole motive.

      Mitchell was by far the most expansive astronaut and one who was quite outspoken about “conspiracies” concerning UFO’s and aliens whose presence he felt was being covered up by the Feds, so injunctions to be “respectful” by not indulging in out there stuff sounds a bit shall we say – ill-humored.

  2. Darn it…….
    And another part of my youth has gone the way of all things.

    Through my father, who worked for Thiokol, I met Dr. Mitchell, and many of the NASA astronauts. Their story was the background of my youth, and a big reason why I became a Navy Aircrewman. But their numbers are dwindling. Only 7 of the men who walked upon the moon are still alive.

    Fair Winds, and Following Seas, sir. You helped unite us all in a time of troubles and travail.

  3. Does the Media Care?
    I’ve been paying attention to mainstream media outlets to see how they spin Dr. Mitchell’s life before his passing. The coverage has been light, and so far, only one major network (ABC) has mentioned Edgar’s founding of IONS and his interest in UFO’s.
    Surprisingly, rather than the snarky, condescending tone of voice I would have expected, the reporter described Dr. Mitchell’s interest in the paranormal using genuinely respectful, straightforward language.
    It was as if the materialist zeitgeist was changing right before my eyes.

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