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News Briefs 18-01-2016

“Well I’m not a scientist. But I know all things begin and end in eternity.”

Quote of the Day:
“A pair of wings, a different respiratory system, which enabled us to travel through space, would in no way help us, for if we visited Mars or Venus while keeping the same senses, they would clothe everything we could see in the same aspect as the things of the Earth. The only true voyage, the only bath in the Fountain of Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees, that each of them is; and this we do, with great artists; with artists like these we do really fly from star to star.”
– Marcel Proust

  1. Uber
    The new X-Files uber script looks very much like massive “association fallacy” in overdrive – not helpful to the revelation of genuine conspiracies. Dragging aliens into research topics like the 911 inside job just muddies the waters for the average person just now daring to peek into such verboten areas. There is nothing fortean about 911 for instance – there are mundane explanations for how it was carried out, by whom, and when – it was not magic or supra-physical.
    A “Grand Unified Theory” concerning the network behind the globalist, NWO machinations and manipulations probably exists though not as comprehensively organized or coordinated as implied in the new X-files narrative. I just hope they don’t inadvertently make Mock Soup by tossing in everything but the kitchen sink. That seems to be popular TV’s forte lately.

  2. Animalia
    With animals the more interesting question is one of “awareness,” and awareness is a component of intelligence. In that regard then animals appear to be generally more aware of, for instance, so called “spirit energy,” and are often the first sentient beings to be acutely aware of spirit activity in haunted situations. Pets are nearly always the first beings to clue into spirit activity – often way ahead of their human minders. Here, denigrating accusations of “anthropomorphism” are not really germane – the observational sphere has expanded beyond the narrower paradigm of “what is reality” in the first place. Human animals and so called “lower animals” exist in a space of relations that is much bigger than assumed by some of these strictly materialistic assessments.

    Awesome Proust quote by the way.

  3. “People mistake, again and
    “People mistake, again and again, that the government is spying on them and is trying to steal their privacy to feed some god forsaken agenda. When really, constant surveillance, when used in accordance with complicated cyber security systems and moral codes, will do nothing but better the human condition.”

    “The Internet may well disempower the nation state, but at the same time, it also strengthens certain specific state functions – like surveillance. As a political entity, it doesn’t empower the nation sate. It creates the availability of much more data than the digestive system of the nation state could possibly assimilate.

    John Perry Barlow

    “Surveillance induced morality: relics of cultural retardation.”
    Marc Maron

    “I realized at one point, that I was being followed, and then I began to see the surveillance that was going past the road on my house. And so, these cars began to surveil me. People began to follow me around, and it did, it was very disrupting to think that your privacy was being violated, and for no reason that I could come up with.”
    Gloria Naylor

    “Openness and participation are antidotes to surveillance and control.”
    Howard Rheingold

  4. news
    Giant snail: If it turns out to be this we should be concerned:

    Animals: A professor of mine had a theory: How much of man is from man? Are we really anthropomophising or are we actually seeing something we humans learned to do? Did the animals teach us how to hunt, teach us how to raise a family, and give us our values? It’s a controversial thought that makes you ask, “what is human?” Are we simply defined by our ability to walk on hind legs or are we defined by our logic? We’ve already established that animals have consciousness, so we can’t use that against them anymore. In my opinion, our biology does not make us human. We lost all of our instincts except Hope, Love, and Will long ago. We try to fill that gaping wound with materialism and false knowledge. But non-human animals (because you must not forgot in reading this article that humans are animal) don’t need too. I grew up watching Bugs Bunny and reading books on animals. Educational books, many obsolete today but it didn’t stop me from learning everything about them. I was the kid who spent my library time in elementary school reading the encyclopedia. When done correctly, anthro-animals can tell us a story and teach us to know. I, personally, do not fear the wolf. Do you and if so why? Do you fear the wolf or yourself in disguise? What is human?

    Bowie constellation: Can everyone in the comment section under that article pull the stick out your ass and calm the fuck down? Jesus! That’s all you want to do is bitch about the fact that Mars isn’t in alignment and you aren’t allowed to add another constellation. Are you afraid it will fracture your tiny little world? Get the fuck over yourselves! I hope when they make a constellation of you that they have the same clods arguing that your dedication is pointless. Oh wait they won’t, because anyone who wastes that much time giving a shit about trivial crap as that will never rise like David Bowie and sure as hell won’t deserve a single star in the night sky let alone a fucking quasar in Orion’s penis. You self gratifying dickheads.

    *flips a thousand tables*

  5. Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams?
    How about defective steel beams?

    In all the rumblings and empty claims about a 9/11 conspiracy the one thing that’s missing (and seems obvious, but leads to great financial liability) is that the WTC buildings collapse was the result of using second rate materials and taking construction shortcuts that led to their diminished structural integrity.

    If there’s a cover up about the WTC on 9/11, it’s likely to stave off the billions of dollars in lawsuits that would result from learning the buildings were crappy in the first place.

    1. Melting beams can be entirely
      Melting beams can be entirely cast out of the discussion at this point. The veritable encyclopedia of other evidence is now so overwhelming and bullet proof that cutting off whole chunks of unresolvable controversies like melting beams doesn’t make any difference to the outcome – inside job. The people engaged in the cover-up just love to keep recycling facets of the op that are unresolvable because it keeps the questions in perpetual suspension. So much of that particular forensic evidence was swiftly carted off and barged to Korea where it was melted down. Doesn’t matter – we have taken names and kicked butt elsewhere.

      But to another question of TDG moment – doesn’t that Plutonian snail’s “track” remind us of this?:

      1. Nope
        I’ve yet to hear a single argument that convinces me of a conspiracy other than the one carried out by the terrorists that hijacked the planes. All the rest is a lot of fearmongering and speculation meant to sell books, DVDs, magazines, podcasts, conference registrations, etc. There’s money to be made in scaring people or making them believe that they are among the privileged few that are “in the know”.

        Once I was gullible enough to think “well, maybe”, but live long enough and you get good at being able to recognize when people are just blowing smoke. Sadly, some actually believe the nonsense they peddle.

        1. Yup…….
          Word, bro. Word.

          Not just jet fuel, but all the rest of the building’s combustible materials and all of it being turned into a blast furnace by the winds. It doesn’t take long to untemper the steel nd cause it to lose some of it’s tensile strength. Then the weight of the floors above causes it to collapse, and down it all comes.

          I am so tired of all the conspiracy nutters who refuse to accept reality and instead have to invent all sorts of boogeymen to explain all the bad things that happen in this world.

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