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News Briefs 06-01-2016


  • HPPD: the psychedelic trip that never ends.
  • From Minecraft to spacecraft: Could the untold riches in asteroids and other planets be the key to exploring the wider Universe?
  • Here be dragons: assessing the risks of future scientific discoveries.
  • This is what the entire known Universe looks like in a single image.
  • Stanford physicist reminds us that we have physical evidence of UFOs.
  • ‘Hindu goddess’ watching over an unborn baby revealed by ultrasound.
  • ‘800-year-old mobile phone’ with cuneiform symbols supposedly found in Austria, according to conspiracy theorists.
  • Newly discovered worm has five faces and rides on the backs of wasps.
  • Hillary Clinton promises to ‘get to the bottom’ of the UFO/alien controversy if elected as the next US president.
  • Petition to make ‘Lemmium‘ the new chemical name for heavy metal reaches 15,000 signatures.
  • Nomads in North Africa resisted new farming practices during the agricultural revolution.
  • An exclusive first look at Jerusalem by Alan Moore.
  • A second coming for Russell Brand, but not in Northampton.
  • The children who swear they’ve lived a previous life.
  • Thousands of mysterious snowballs wash up in waves on a Maine lake.
  • Website of 90’s mass suicide cult Heaven’s Gate is still online.
  • Quote of the Day:

    I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking

    Albert Einstein

  1. “Conspiracy Theorists”
    Re: The Guardian Cuneiform Cell Phone Article – I continue to be amazed that the term “conspiracy theorist” has not become politically incorrect. The casual and reckless use of the term as employed in the article implies that the same people who for instance believe that 9/11 was an inside job must also believe in cuneiform cell phones. It is tantamount to giving the nod to other gross generalizations such as that “all blacks like watermelon and fried chicken,” or “hispanics are all illegal aliens.”

  2. happy news year!
    Cell phone: Already false:

    Hindu goddess: I can explain it. It’s called pareidolia. You think you see a human face when it’s not there. While I do believe a spirit watches over you WHEN you are born, this isn’t it. Also why does it have to be a goddess or demon (daemon)? Maybe it’s the grandmother?

    Snow Balls: This is not weird when you consider the cold we have had recently and all of a sudden. Combine that with a brisk wind, these ice balls formed from a combination of strong winds and rolling water. We had them last year on my beach.

    Worm: Picture day must be brutal 😛

    Lemmium: I could make a Justin Beiber joke here but I won’t. Seems like the 12 year olds on could have saved themselves some time if they had read the last paragraph of that article.

    Heaven’s Gate: Such a 90s website. Makes me think there is still time in this now vigilant age to stop cults before they make everyone drink the proverbial kool-aid. *cough* *cough* Scientology *cough* *cough*

  3. Alan Moore’s Jerusalem
    Hmm, not sure that this inspires me or not, especially after the opening reference that infers London was once the ‘Saxon Capital’ of England. (it was in fact Winchester).

    1. Call Some Place Jerusalem, Call it Goodbye
      “Jerusalem” has existed in a number of places, but in Saxon times it would have been Rome or Constantinople. The “Jerusalem” of Palestine was the shortest-lived “Jerusalem” of all time!

  4. Einstein quote
    I wish the Einstein quote were authentic, but it doesn’t seem to be. Read this:


    “It seems that we can put these words about ‘the process of rational thinking’ into the growing pile of fake Einstein quotes, including the inspiring but non-Einstein advice that ‘There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.'”

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