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“Serenity now.”

  • Angkor Wat unveils new buried spiral structures.
  • Flying by built-in compass.
  • Epsom salts unravel Ceres’ bright spots?
  • Space Race 2.0?
  • Talking SW vs. ST with Bill Nye the SG.
  • Images that made history.
  • Vampires prowl the galaxy.
  • Unusual study of nonassociative quantum mechanics gets underway.
  • Suleiman’s tomb located. Neil Diamond fades in.
  • Fossil fuels’ end is in sight.
  • Outsmart your instincts.
  • Rocking sans guitar strings.
  • The real great white whale.
  • How to build a Death Star [acc. to NASA].
  • Edited genes make pigs resistant to common viral disease.
  • Receive messages… from the future?
  • E 3 star cluster reveals ghosts of Milky Way’s past.
  • Saunders on storytelling.
  • This week’s evidence of the looming robot uprising.
  • Objects discovered at edge of solar system revive ‘Planet X’ debate.
  • Fusion power for all or another hack hover-board hopeful?
  • Unobservable chemical state observed.
  • Storm on tiny star akin to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Quote of the Day:

“To celebrate the holiday season, a charitable donation in your name has been made to the Human Fund. ”

G. Costanza