News Briefs 10-12-2015

Just think of me as Santa’s little Truth fighter…

Thanks to Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder and Plissken –what, you never heard of him? That’s the badass reindeer with an eyepatch!

Quote of the Day:

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”


  1. Zombie Nativity
    That rivals some of the relics I’ve seen in Europe’s Gothic Cathedrals!! Sycamore Township could be the next great pilgrimage site. Brace yourselves Townies.

    1. Didn’t think this through
      Yep, I know of those ghoulish saints encased in their glass coffin you speak of 😉

      The townies certainly didn’t think this through. Now the Zombie Nativity (Zombietivity?) has gained more publicity than ever, and it will probably gain a lot of support from free speech and anti-religion groups.

    2. zombies
      People gotta stop caring so much. I’m sure most of the people with a gripe are seniors since obviously the younger generations are fine with it. I wonder how long it will take before all the haters die off and allow things to happen. $500/day is a bit harsh, sounds like the town needs money and is looking for a scapegoat.

      1. Zombie Baby
        They should be paying the guy for a very important public service announcement. Don’t let your baby go to sleep with a milk bottle in its mouth. It will rot their teeth. Take note Townies!

  2. The Notorious B.F.G.
    I remember the book vaguely. It was not my favorite Dahl book mostly because it creeped me out (I was like 4 y/o at the time). Development hell since 1991? Damn. I’m glad to see the name Spielberg on the ticket, but it will always be overshadowed by whatever Pixar’s limping to the barn with 😛

  3. The BFG
    The first film version of The BFG was created by Cosgrove Hall Productions in Manchester, England and was intended to be a theatrical rather than a ‘made for TV’ movie. However it never did find a major distributor to take it on, and so by default, became a ‘made for tv’ movie.

    That said, it was and remains a great animated film and one that Spielberg’s film will be judged against.

    The new version’s trailer, whilst limited, seems to bear quite a similarity to the original animated film’s opening – but it does look good!

    I was associated with Cosgrove Hall Productions, so could be a touch bias!

  4. BFG and Rylance
    Learning that Mark Rylance–one of the world’s greatest living actors–will be in BFG will alone get me to the theater; a remarkable talent who is still relatively unknown by mainstream audiences (though his role in “Bridge of Spies” gave him greater visibility).

    p.s. Note: the link above to the story “Could encounters with strangers be hidden messages from God?” actually leads to the story below it “Yes, your hubby can’t literally hear you when he has nose stuck in his iPad.”

      1. Time On Our Hands
        A prediction – the folks who will have the hardest time accepting a leisure society are the folks jerking our chain right now with various wars, and “terror,” and generalized fear-mongering as part of general social attitude that distrusts “the people” when the people are not off-kilter and psychologically debilitated. Money and power concentrates in the hands of people who fear a thoughtful and deliberate mass of humanity.
        “Then in 1992, when asked what Iran-Contra was really all about, George I replied that it was done for “…the continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands.”

        1. Time Slips
          Geology, Time Slips, and Out of Place Animals. This is one of those rare instances when I think that Tsoukalos is pursuing something worthwhile.(Pertinent stuff begins at about the 34:30 mark)

          1. rare instances
            [quote=emlong]This is one of those rare instances when I think that Tsoukalos is pursuing something worthwhile.[/quote]

            I just can’t stand this self-stroking show of his. It is an interesting subject without question, but not coming from his mouth. He’s just going to gum it up with aliens and BS, not to mention that this show was mostly everything already covered in Ancient Aliens.

          2. “Viruses”
            The Hasbro Gene Machine for Home Use just disturbs the heck out of me. You think every little tyro with a knack for computer coding and hatching pernicious “viruses” is bad? Wait ’til anyone can bioengineer their own retroviruses and such and then goof around with creating plagues for which their is no answer.

          3. Yeah…
            But MAYBE that’s exactly what we need in order to finally get off this god-forsaken path we’re heading into :-/

          4. Yep…
            I happen to agree with you. I watched that particular show for no apparent reason. The first time I had deliberately tuned in to Tsoukalous and his shtick, after watching a marathon of the 1st season of Ancient Aliens.

            I remember hating myself for thinking that the wild yarn he was spinning DID make some sort of sense >_____<

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