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New Briefs 14-12-2015

Bicycling is perfect for meditation; both are about balance.

Quote of the Day:

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.”
– Yoda

*Batteries not included.

  1. Stanley, I Presume
    A faked interview about a faked event? Perfect. The dude looks great sipping out of a Denny’s juice glass, but he obviously can’t keep his story straight and has to be coached by the interviewer. The whole thing falls apart by the end.

  2. some endarkenment
    Robot Buddah: So we and our elaborately evolving computers may meet each other halfway. Someday a human being, named perhaps Fred White, may shoot a robot named Pete Something-or-other, which has come out of a General Electric factory, and to his surprise see it weep and bleed. And the dying robot may shoot back and, to its surprise, see a wisp of gray smoke arise from the electric pump that it supposed was Mr. White’s beating heart. It would be rather a great moment of truth for both of them. -Phillip K. Dick

    Kubrick: This article seems very suspicious. Convenient that this is an updated article and the comments got erased do to a glitch, one that by the way should not affect the comments. I may hate web design but I’m smart enough to know that the dialogue for a page that displays comments is separate from you trying to embed a video, which failed I see and is in tiny letters at the bottom. Notice it’s a Vimeo link? A site that is not as restricted as YouTube. I think it’s funny that a video that is an interview needs a director. I was alive in the 90s, believe it or not cameras were less fuzzy that that. Read the comments under the video, no one is buying this. Not to mention the script from the interview on the CAT site is even more poorly written than a Twilight fanfic.

    1. Scammers, Keep on Scammin’
      Yeah, this “interview” only serves to undermine any remaining questioning of the first moon landings, which may have been the motive for it anyway (and which now makes me want to question the landings!). Was that the same director as “Alien Autopsy” by any chance, haha?

      1. Kubrick At His Best
        This appears to me to be a classic Kubrickian bit of ambiguity. Kubrick never said anything of importance directly – it was always said enigmatically and with at least a double meaning and several possible “outs.” Leaving in the obvious coached and clumsy asides in this interview is a dead giveaway that this interview is probably not “faked,” or rather it is a calculated fakery – and there is in it a message that is not “fake.” That message is on one level something to the effect that whether or not I – Mr. Stanley Kubrick – faked a moon landing the powers that be are perfectly capable of perpetrating such acts and willing – just look at the JFK hit and 9/11 for instance.

        What I am seeing here is Kubrick having serious fun with us which is precisely what his whole film career has been about, and Kubrick knew that being given one last opportunity to burnish his reputation for occultation as he was nearing the end of his mortal coil was a chance too good to pass up.

        “Clarice Starling: [Hannibal Lecter has escaped] He won’t come after me.
        Ardelia Mapp: Oh really?
        Clarice Starling: He won’t. I can’t explain it… He – he would consider that rude.”

          1. The fundamental question is
            The fundamental question is whether or not that is Kubrick. There are people who think it indubitably is.
            My take on the “faked landing” symbolism stashed in the underbelly of The Shining is that it is definitely saying exactly what Jay Weidner thinks it is saying – I mean it is laughably obvious – but that doesn’t mean Kubrick wasn’t pulling our leg or pointing to something “related.” The interview footage with its numerous “occultations” beginning with the hazy, chiaroscuro of the framing and then the bizarre “breaks” here and there of Kubrick appearing to be responding to a pre-script are very Kubrickian looking mannerisms to me. Nothing can be said blatantly or forthrightly especially when pointing to ruthless and dangerous forces. That’s the message on one level. When pointing to nefariouness like this the pointer must have plausible deniability built in to his revelation. Ambiguity is an agent of protection (and mystery is a good marketing tool for any artist.) That protection may have not been enough after he wrapped up “Eyes Wide Shut” and then died. Who knows?

            “Who Knows?” could have been Kubrick’s epitaph.

          2. Another possible take on
            Another possible take on Kubrick is that he was “one of them” meaning the occulted power structure behind some of the more dastardly staged events meant to gradually instigate some form of semi-totalitarian “one percenter” New World Order. In this scenario Kubrick’s underlying message would be that against such connected and ruthless adversaries it is “futile to resist.” If they can fake a moon landing, kill a president, etc. then they can “do anything.” Kubrick then could be seen as one of the field agents (perhaps a partially entrapped one)for propagating “revelation of the method” which is one of the favored tools for disempowering, dispiriting, and demoralizing the Great Unwashed. Kubrick’s tacit claim to have faked the moon landing would be fake indeed but not in method. If you want to diminish and enslave a people then show them that their most cherished iconography is founded on falsehoods whether they really are or not.

            The pool room scene from Eyes Wide Shut typifies Kubrick’s ephemerality though. Ultimately, the director does not supply enough information to get a fix on him. On the one hand, he refers to the ghoulish and depraved rituals in the mansion as a mere “charade,” but a charade can be a very deadly thing indeed. 9/11 was also a “charade,” but are we best advised to just save our skins and look the other away?

            Another appropriate Kubrick epitaph –
            “I left them hanging in the air.”

          3. What Might Have Been
            Too bad Woody Allen didn’t get the gig. He could have turned the moon landings into neurotic romantic comedies.

          4. One Small Wreck for Man
            Woody Allen couldn’t even stage a believable fender bender haha! Ah, to have a steel bumper like that again.

          5. And Woody “is” the character
            And Woody “is” the character in the car – very jaded about “authority.” Had someone official and shadowy approached him with an idea to fake a moon landing he would have torn up the script just as he tore up his driver’s license in the film scene.

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