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Right here with the news

  • Giant 7–8-foot skeletons uncovered in Ecuador sent for scientific testing.
  • A classic formula for pi has been discovered hidden in hydrogen atoms.
  • Could entanglement be the essence of space-time geometry?
  • Skepticism on the couch.
  • Scientists have a new way to study mystical experiences induced by psilocybin mushrooms.
  • The Lambton Worm, and the ‘Wicker Man’ sequel that almost was.
  • Sergeant Howie is alive and well. Scottish evangelists identify Paganism as one of the “biggest threats to Western civilisation”.
  • The only doctor in the world legally allowed to use LSD to treat patients.
  • The unusual couple behind encyclopaedia of psychoactive substances, Erowid.
  • New Hieronymus Bosch drawing found in private art collection.
  • Does self-love or self-hate predict conspiracy beliefs? Narcissism, self-esteem, and the endorsement of conspiracy theories.
  • ‘Pastafarian’ wins right to wear colander on head in driving licence photo.
  • Ancient board game found in looted China tomb.
  • NASA sees a black hole spew a corona.
  • Cave Lion cubs emerge from the Siberian permafrost.
  • Saudi Arabia’s river of hail.
  • Mysterious parasite may actually be a tiny jellyfish gone awry.
  • Thou shalt not start wildfires on the day of the Lord.

Quote of the Day:

This is Life Eternal, right here. Be fulfilled, be happy, be kind, be in love, and never do anything that you can’t live with forever.

Alan Moore (his first ‘tweet’ via @MomentOfMoore)