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Steven and Evan Strong are unearthing one of the biggest stories on humanity’s hidden history. They’re the researchers behind the website Forgotten Origin, proposing many maverick theories like “Out-Of-Australia” among others.

Recently they came into possession of some letters from Frederic Slater, President of the Australian Archaeological and Education Research Society, discussing Australia’s Stonehenge in New South Wales. When he visited the site, before its destruction, he noted:

So too the existence of carved “letters” or symbols. Some of our group saw markings on the rocks that looked decidedly artificial, but since the women who were responsible for recording the rocks were denied permission to move or even touch them (due to Original custom), more investigation by the men is required, and will take place the next time on site. In the meantime, as it was with the terraces, both academics and the farmer acknowledge seeing many inscriptions on the rocks. Slater often goes into great detail in both identifying individual letters from the Sacred Language, and supplying definitions that resonate to a repeating esoteric theme. “It is the letter k – the 7th letter of the letters alphabet. Means a seed – the germ of life.” For exactly the same reason given when discussing the credentials of terraces, we also accept as fact the existence of an Original alphabet and accompanying symbols.

Evan Strong claims to have evidence regarding the provenance of Slater’s findings, and more is forthcoming.

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