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They are out there.

  • Scientists to scan ancient pyramids with cosmic rays to find hidden chambers and other secrets.
  • Maybe it’s time to stop snickering about aliens.
  • Survey that revealed widespread iffy research practices in psychology was itself iffy.
  • Consumer 3D printer used to create human tissue.
  • Sonic tractor beam invented.
  • Biscuit that survived the Titanic sells for $23,000.
  • The people who stole the moon.
  • Hung, drawn and quartered skeleton found in Welsh pub could be English saint.
  • Reclusive programmer Steve Grand is creating a farmyard of virtual animals out of code.
  • Bronze Age warrior’s tomb discovered in Pylos, Greece.
  • Cassini is about to taste the huge geysers of Enceladus.
  • Frozen cave lion cubs found in Siberia.
  • Mysterious artefact dug up in Pennsylvania: Ancient Grenade?
  • Haunting new find of death masks from ancient Siberian warrior race.
  • Brain-controlling sound waves used to steer genetically modified worms.
  • Quote of the Day:

    Everyone’s quick to blame the alien.