News Briefs 15-10-2015

Farewell, dear Playboy. We had great moments together *Sniff*

Quote of the Day:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”


  1. Problem? No Problemo
    The Arctic Meltdown – it’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity to take exploitation to the next level! Nice.

    The news is so early today, RPJ. Wassup! Keep that bullshit up and you’re gonna get hired by The Man (or by Playboy, it seems they will need more Illustrators now)!!

    1. Bogus article

      I am a highly sensitive person and an introvert. I NEVER express myself in such dramatic terms. What happened to me while in the military was horrific, but to my knowledge, was primarily perpetrated by human men, not reptilians. Did I see reptilians as part of my experiences? Yes, a couple of times as recalled in the pages of my book. But not in the manner alluded to by these articles with their ugly and sensationalistic headlines. And mis-quoting me to boot.

      Well, I would have appreciated it if she had clarified a little about where exactly she was misquoted (instead of the “buy my book to learn the truth” response) but then it seems my sarcasm was justified, and that whatever happened to her might have been the result of military mind control.

  2. news
    33s: So then Hobbs from Calvin and Hobbs fame is really a plushie equivalent to Mephistopheles? Wow somehow that comic strip just got more awesome 😉

    App for that: While I do believe that the Ouija board is not something to mess with, I am also a rational person. I think her superstition got the better of her. I don’t think she is possessed. She needs some tranquilizers and maybe some anti-psychotics because this is an overblown temper tantrum. Of course she had super strength, she looks like she could toss me across the room. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug! Without knowing anything of her past I couldn’t tell you, but there are a lot of parasites found in that atrea that can make you go insane too.

    Don’t you mean (Pan)cakes? 😉
    Also anyone a fan of Defiance on SciFi and thought of the episode where the Omec from Season 3 learn to make pancakes?

  3. “Rebirth of Pan” and the Number 33
    The article mentions that the death of Jesus occurred around his 33rd year, but more accurately, this was the year of his “rebirth” to a greater kingship. The “death and resurrection” of Christ were patterned after that of Alexander the Great, who also “died” close to his 33rd birthday and whose kinship was “resurrected” in the East as Chandragupta.

    The original pattern was the Flood Hero (Minh/Pan/Adapa/Noah) who was a despot in a time of catastrophe, anarchy and immorality. After the Flood he was “re-born” as a peace-loving pacifist, but was disrespected for it. A number of pharaohs emulated this figure, such as Ny-Netjer of the early Old Kingdom, Ny-User-Re of the Old Kingdom, Ny-Maat-Re (Amenemhet III/Ay) of the Middle Kingdom and Neb-Maat-Re (Amenhotep III/Aye) of the New Kingdom.

    Xerxes of the Persian Period seems to have been the first to transform the role from one of lessor kingly rebirth to greater when he changed his name to Arta-Xerxes.

    Alexander pulled the same maneuver. His prospects for achieving greater glory after laying down his crown were probably somewhat dubious. However, when a son was born to him (Bindusara) and then a grandson (Ashoka), his legacy was secure.

  4. Playboy . . .
    When Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips announce they’re going to do a totally nude concert, Playboy centerfolds become antiques stuck in the last century. The envelope was pushed, broken through, and now lies in shreds on the floor.

    1. Re: Hacking
      The Feds are racking up a lot of legal precedent setting cases against citizens for hacking malfeasance that might just as easily be turned against the Feds themselves. In fact, the Federal security/industrial complex is just one big domestic hack.

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