News Briefs 14-10-2015

Women hold up half the sky. (Mao Zedong)

  1. hurricanes
    I’m sorry but as someone who has survived through more than my fair share of hurricanes and Nor’easters living in a shore community, I have to call bullshit on this study and agree with the majority of the 523 comments on this article. The fact that male names were not used until the 1970s, for example kind of skews the results, especially if you think about the amount of damage they all have caused. More deaths happen when people don’t have a lot of experience with storms and they make poor desicions. The East coast of the US is sadly more used to getting storms that cause mass flooding than the Southern states.

    Meanwhile Sandy, which isn’t classified as a hurricane, killed about 67 people over NY, NJ, CT, and PA. To suggest though that people didn’t prepare in any circumstance is just ridiculous. I feel that because the East coast is more frequently hit with flooding and storms that we prepared ourselves better than Southern states who may have made poor decisions. When Katrina hit they had no shelter so they went into that super dome arena and got screwed. Where I live we have a evacuation center. We prepared for Sandy, we evacuated, their were military vehicles blocking my street so we couldn’t leave our house and it looked like the apocalypse had hit! I used to work at a theater, it flooded up to Row H in the seats! You can’t stop Mother Nature from royally fucking you, especially if the storm hits during a full moon high tide. Also this study doesn’t count the fact that 9 times out of 10 other storms like Nor’easters do more damage.

    The island that I live near used to have a forest of cedar trees and fresh water lakes. It was all wiped away after a male named hurricane in the 1870s. One storm changed the whole biology of an island. The thought that shore communities don’t take female named storms seriously and that’s what causes more lives lost and damage is downright disgusting! The person who founded this study obviously never had to dig through five feet of muck at their office or house like I did. I spent the entire day putting up sand bags and boarding up windows like everyone else on the island. Stores sold out of water and batteries and there was a mass exodus from the area. But when the water rises to more than 10 feet and swallows the island how do you prepare for that better than is humanly possible? How would you feel if you lost all your hard work in one day? Bastard.

  2. “UFO Mothership”
    Clouds forming over the regional mountains, lens artifact, photo manipulation or “visitors”… Or, hasn’t there been talk of large scale use of holographic imagery to scare the masses to unite us all against an “outer space” common “enemy”?

    Then again, China has its fair share of the air biscuit generating moo cows, right?

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