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deja vu parallel universe michio kaku

Michio Kaku: Do Parallel Universes Trigger Déjà Vu?

Leading on from Chris Savia’s recent post Parallel Possibilites: Are We Remembering Other Universes, here’s a short video of Michio Kaku wondering if parallel universes can account for that tingly sensation of déjà vu. What do you think? And don’t be shy, post your anecdotes!

Hat tip: Open Culture.

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  1. Remote Viewing
    Too bad Kaku is not willing to consider the possibility that Consciousness is able to retrieve information through non-local means, as in remote viewing. If he did, he might be able to also consider the possibility that perhaps the human mind is capable to *temporarily* get in phase with the vibratory frequency of those other parallel universes, making Deja Vu a case of flipping through the channels of those “other you”…

    Then again, Kaku has always been a materialist when it comes to Mind=Brain model.

    1. If I recall correctly, Kaku
      If I recall correctly, Kaku wrote a brief endorsement of Ervin Laszlo’s book, The Science of Akashic Fields. Which, if true, makes me wonder if he’s not actually a visitor from another dimension.

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