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The Infinite Computer: Inceptionizing the $#!t Outta the Matrix

Warning: Do not watch this video if you’re under the influence of psychedelic drugs, suffer from paranoia, or your grasp on reality is already dangerously tenuous.

…And for those of you who did not heed my warning and watched the video anyway, I *dare* you not to look over your shoulder for the next 10 minutes!

[H/T Chris Savia]

  1. Shades of the Kabbalah?
    An intriguing point in this video is the suggestion that there are an infinite number of universes which are simulations, each of them slightly different–but which at some point reach a “point of stability.” That recalls something expressed in Kabbalistic writings like the Zohar which talks not just of a single creation but a succession of them, described as worlds of unbalanced force, until one (to borrow the video’s phrase) reached a “point of stability”–which is the universe we now live in. Like I say, intriguing.

    1. Interesting
      Thank you for pointing that out. It also reminds me of this idea Grant Morrison explored in his comic series The Invisibles, in how our Universe is the result of the overlapping between two other super universes –kind of like a shadow or an interference pattern– with one of the universes being run by Chaos and negative energies, and the other by Light and positive energies.

      But I like this idea of being nice to our simulations, because what affects them might affect us up the line of causality. Might explain why I always resist playing as a villain in RPG videogames 😛

  2. infinite number oif infinities
    I guess since I watch shows like Rick & Morty this shit doesn’t phase me. The real question is if you are that good at animating characters and a whole room in 3D, why can’t you figure out mouth movements? Looks like they’re trying to eat a banana with every word.

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