News Briefs 24-09-2015

If this guy had been around 20 years ago, who knows… you might all know me by now as ‘Father Junkie’ 😉

Quote of the Day:

“The future ain’t what it used to be”

˜Yogi Berra (RIP)

  1. Constantino
    As an observer of Ghost Adventures I was familiar with the Constantinos who were very good at grabbing EVP’s from the situations that the Ghost Adventures crew put them in, but there was this obvious chill in their relationship showing up a couple of years ago, and then there was only Mark appearing on the show – much more sporadically – and no Debbie at all; so it was obvious they were having issues.

    I often wondered if their weird energy might have played a part in their ability to attract and “rile up” spirits to the point of “opening them up” more than usual. That is also probably the case in general with the Ghost Adventures guys whose excitability and youthfulness are energy magnets for spirits using whatever energy is available in order to manifest and interact. Often it’s the human energy and not just camera batteries and such that supply the voltage for spirit manifestation.

    1. Djinn
      Your view Emlong is not to unlike what is presented in the “Star Wars” story up there if you read it, whereby a Djinn is the cause of a person’s death. I had a dream of a black dog that almost caused me and a friend to have a car accident. They are dangerous spirits more times than not. I don’t understand why people who investigate the paranormal don’t take more precautions. A vile of holy water and a cross will not protect you. Salt in every corner of your house. In ancient times, it was believed that wolves protected man against Djinn. Many great names in the occult world died mysterious and gruesome deaths. Though I can not say for sure why they died, and assuming such things is kind of offensive to the family, I still can’t help hear a story like this and think of the end of Faustbach (the original story of Faust).

          1. El
            It could also reference God, in the sense of Elohim and the god El of the Canaanites. But I think we should drop the “L”, move the “E” over and add an “A” at the beginning to create Aeon.

            I just think that if you are a powerful supernatural being the name Elon Musk is kind of a dead giveaway 😛

      1. The Ghost Adventures crew
        The Ghost Adventures crew have all been seriously messed with over the years by entities that have “followed them home” as it were. Aaron blamed the infamous Bobby Mackie Bar incident on breaking up his relationship with his girlfriend.

  2. weekly dose of red pills
    Pope: My cousin is stuck in that part of Philadelphia this weekend. I like this Pope though. He is so much more open minded. He is such a goid person. All those people who were threatening the Pope need to look at what real humanity is. I don’t care what religion you are or if you are an atheist, you need to recognize what a good oerson is. Pope Francis is awesome.

    Martin: Little self entitled prick. He is the Mark Zuckerberg of the drug world and this is how he shows it. Well I have a song for him (audio only no image):

    Elon: Stop giving your projects cool names you dork 😛

    4000 year old food: Actually was probably very good. I remember Simcha doing this on The Naked Archeologist with ancient Hebrew food.

    Bagpipes…like a boss.

  3. Holy Smoke Screen
    I’m sorry, but I don’t like this Pope or any other Pope (myself excluded, haha). Catholicism is a cop-out when it comes to poverty. Unless Catholicism itself is ready to “come clean,” then its stance on poverty is simply an affirmation of the Gospel statement, “the poor will always be among you, and you can help them whenever you choose to.” The corollary of that statement is, “the rich will always get richer” and they will invent and exploit religion to maintain their stranglehold on the planet.

    Church and State never really parted ways!

    1. Well…
      It’s funny how people in the extreme left feel this Pope is still too conservative, and people in the extreme right think he’s a commie 😉

      All I know is that as a (former) Catholic, the dude gives me hope.

  4. Paperclip Maximizer
    The most on target and succinct description of 21st century capitalism I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing it. Everyone should read through it. It’s more universally relevant than most of the other stuff.

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