News Briefs 23-09-2015

hærfestlice emniht

Quote of the Day:

Is the chaos the breakdown of order, or is the order a breakdown of chaos?

David Peat

  1. PETA
    As a low paid photographer myself who also loves animals all I can say is this: Go fuck yourself PETA. Are you really that hard up for attention you whiny little pieces of shit who once opened a dog shelter just to euthanize perfectly good dogs because you believed them better off dead than “slaves” to humans? Last time I checked my dog wasn’t in chains being brutally whipped and forced to pick my cotton. Every time I see a celebrity supporting PETA I want to gag because they either don’t know the truth or more than likely the underhanded tactics of PETA threatened to ruin these people’s careers if they didn’t. Message to PETA: Stop wasting your time with this poor photographer and focus on some things useful for once. Everything you touch ends up being worse for animals than helping them. The shear fact that you still exist is a crime and only because you have your slimy tentacles in the pockets of big names a d you are jacking them off. The same reason why it amazes me the US government hasn’t stopped Scientology when it’s a cult masquerading as a religion.

    1. No News is Bad News
      As a low-paid photographer/author, this is probably the best thing that ever happened to Slater. It pretty much guarantees his book will be a huge success!

      I have to admit, Naruto is quite the “looker.”

  2. Dawkins
    The news today proves I was born pissed…

    Don’t compare our ancestors to Dawkins. They were a lot more intelligent as far as I’m concerned and the stereotypical caveman talk at the end isn’t helping the argument. Actually I think his outside is just starting to reflect his inside. I think that ones appearance changes over time depending on what’s going on not only in our bodies, but minds as well. Ever look at a mugg shot of a pedophile and think to yourself yeah he looks like a pedophile. I noticed when I worked at a pharmacy that the men who took erectile distinction drugs had a look about them to the point that if they were a new customer I could pretty much guess what the prescription was for. Like nature was changing their face to warn females not to mate with them. Some heart conditions can give off warnings by how a person walks or looks long before they show up. If the overall appearance of Dawkins is starting to reflect who he is inside than all the commenters on YouTube have this to look forward to as they age.

    I just think Dawkins is a shame of a waste. Here us a man who was sadly sexually abused when he was a child, and instead of using his tragedy to build an organization designed to help children and woman who have gone through the same trauma, he has become a school yard bully of the internet. Such a waste…

    1. Stereotyping
      Well, not smiling probably has been good for Dawkins’ complexion. So, he’s got that going for him!

      I was watching an episode of Drugs, Inc. the other night about Spring Break in Miami. They interviewed a dealer who attributed his success to being able to tell which people on the beach wanted party drugs just by looking at them. I’m believing in his ability to some extent, especially on the beach during Spring Break, haha!

      Humans are natural discriminators. Breaking the tribal mentality takes a lot of effort and it usually just results in people adopting new biases or regressing to old ones. I think it is good to deal with the worst forms of discrimination, but we can’t get rid of all forms and extents of discrimination (nor should we even want to).

      Last night I watched the pilot for a new TV series called “Fresh Off the Boat,” which is about an Asian-American family named Huang. It was funny yet disturbing at the same time. The American “Cultural Diversity” movement sends so many mixed messages, and at the end of the day is mostly disingenuous (crowd control propaganda) anyway. What is a kid from the Sudan or anywhere else supposed to make of this society?

      1. everything you just said…
        …I agree with. I agree that it is human nature to discriminate and be able to spy differences in others that at one time may have helped our survival but have now devolved into things like racism and stereotyping.

        I also saw Fresh Off The Boat when it first came out. I am amazed it’s still on. It is disturbing. I found the jokes more akin to something Seth MacFarlane would but on American Dad not be on a sitcom. The kid from the Sudan has come to the realization that when it comes to television – he is the villian. We live in a shit world sometimes.

        1. Sedans for the Sudanese
          Yeah, nobody’s gonna tell that kid about the true religion of this world, which is scamming the people for fun and profit. They just want us to be a good little consumers – until we run out of money that is, haha.

  3. Devolution
    I’m not a huge Dawkins fan, but the “persecuted inventor” story does smell a bit fishy. It’s a lovely underdog-versus-bully narrative on the surface, but the details seem anything but straightforward.

    1. 2 reasons
      1. In the case of answering his “fan mail” on Youtube many of them are trolls who are trying to see if their comments get on his videos.

      2. Because one could say he harasses people with religious beliefs in a “primitive way.” Often I find the way he expresses his opinion to be on par with a bully, sometimes saying nasty things.

      I don’t care whether or not a person believes in God or a higher power whatever it may be, but I don’t go around doing this:

      The golden rule people. I feel the same way about Bill Maher (speaking of PETA) sometimes yet I also find myself agreeing with him more. I could sit and have a conversion with Maher; I don’t want to be in the same room as Dawkins. There is free speech, and then there’s being an asshole. If you want to follow Dawkins like he is your Bo Peep than fine but please, I’m asking as a fellow human being, be nice.

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