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If you thought the last cool thing worth waiting for in 2015 was the release of Episode VII, you’re probably not a fan of Alternative History.

For us, there’s the long-awaited publication of Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods –September 10 in the UK, one month later in the US– 20 years after his international bet-seller Fingerprints of the Gods implanted the seed for a paradigm shift in our appreciation of the ancient past; a seed which has flourished and blossomed not only because of the Graham’s international acclaim, but also because of the archeological evidence discovered after “Fingerprints…” which have proved his basic thesis –the existence of an advanced civilization of megalithic builders, with great knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, which was destroyed after the end of the last Ice Age but not before managing to inculcate their knowledge all around our planet– to be very much on the right track.

Even though he rightly points out how ours is a species suffering from amnesia, I truly believe Graham’s name has secured an enduring place in the annals of History; if nothing else, for inspiring an entire generation to look at our ancient legacy –our heritage as human beings and inhabitants of this wonderful and troubled world– with fresh new eyes; offering us a vantage view from which to appreciate where we came from, how we got here, and where we are destined to go… if we deign to learn the lessons of our forefathers, that is.

You can pre-order your copy of Magicians of the Gods by clicking here.