News Briefs 26-08-2015

Tuck in

  • Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from a black hole.
  • Gorillas are showing signs of learning to talk, say researchers.
  • Can computers help us read the mind of nature?
  • Scientists created a wormhole in a lab that can transport magnetic waves via an extra spatial (or ‘extra special’ as they say in the article!) dimension.
  • The original 1952 Braxton County Monster drawing, found!
  • Should mars be independent, or just a colony of Earth?
  • Is this what our ancestors’ language sounded like 6,000 years ago?
  • Petroglyphs left in Canada by Scandinavians 3,000 years ago?
  • We can’t find any alien neighbors and virtual reality might be to blame.
  • Burning Man: The Musical.
  • The mysterious Marree Man of outback Australia: largest geoglyph in the world.
  • Aztec ‘human sacrifice’ skull wall found in Mexico.
  • Mapping the Grim.
  • Interview with a weird satanist.

Quote of the Day:

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.

John Muir

  1. grim
    We have our own black dog legend locally. A British ship carrying goods was lured into the cost by a band of “land pirates” thinking there was a lighthouse when in fact it was the pirates with a lantern walking the shore. They wrecked on a sandbar and the thieves killed the crew one by one and stole their rings, guns, and other goods. Then one of the noticed a creature dragging one of the bodies ashore. It was the captain’s dog (a black Newfoundland) trying to save his captain and friend, but it was too late. When a pirate tried to steal the captains ring the dog launched at his but was shot before he could do anything. The dog has been seen on the beach at night and will attack anyone it sees but will disappear before the attack is finished.

    I also saw the grim in my dreams about a month or so before my uncle died. That was six years ago. Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking of black German Shepherds from that story of alien animals. And Cerberus keeps popping up in places to me. Now this news brief. WTF?

  2. weird satanist
    Wow…just wow. I hope that guy finds work after this as some kind of voice actor or podcaster. Though at times he looked like he was reading from something, I can’t tell if that last part about his neighbor’s mail was legit or just him fucking with the newscaster. Seriously though, if someone told you to draw what they think a satanist looked like, and they drew an emo or goth, you couldn’t call them out on the stereotyping in this case. Did not help that this guy liked Yandere Simulator.

  3. Should Mars be independent
    This article is a prime example of putting the cart before the horse in an exercise of futile speculation. It’s highly unlikely that there will ever even be a manned mission to Mars, much less actual colonization.

    The key is propulsion technology. We are presently limited to chemical rockets, especially for the crucial stage of getting into Earth orbit, and there is nothing even on the horizon to remedy this. This limitation dictates a very high cost to deliver every ounce to another planet, along with very long journey times which greatly worsen the hostile effects of the deep space environment on the human body such as debilitation due to weightlessness and radiation damage due to the Sun and cosmic rays. And if explorers ever get there the Martian environment is a lethal wasteland with no resources valuable enough to send back to Earth.

    Leave Martian colonization political issues to the science-fantasy writers.

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