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  • That’s no moon! –Oh wait… yes, it is; and it’s ours.
  • Colorado startup successfully tests new type of propulsion technology for reusable space vehicles.
  • Scientists sound the alarm over ‘super-charged’ GM organisms.
  • 9 animal species that use psychoactive substances in the wild.
  • Reflections on Damanhur, the New-Age community in Italy which built an ‘impossible’ underground temple.
  • A man out of Time roams the streets of New Jersey.
  • Filming of Prometheus 2 will reportedly start next January.
  • Conner Habib continues his #TheSexRadicals series with the Prophet of Orgone: Wilhelm Reich.
  • Wilhelm Reich: Orgone Energy, the Space Gun, and UFO Invasion of Earth, by Brad and Sherry Steiger.
  • Podcast UFO interviews researcher Ray Stanford, who claims to have astounding evidence about the famous Socorro UFO case of 1964.
  • Similar types of ‘UFO’ lights are filmed in both Milwaukee and Osaka.
  • The mythic child-eating Thunderbirds of Illinois.
  • A Redditor stabilized the Patterson-Gimlin film… again.
  • But at least Patty looks more convincing than this ‘strutting’ Lizard Man, who’s presumably seeking Capt. Kirk for some payback!
  • New Worlds’ legend Michael Moorcock thinks Tolkien was a ‘crypto-fascist’.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Urine-corroded San Francisco lamp post almost hits driver.

Quote of the Day:

“We live in a Philip K Dick world now. The technology-led, military-led big names like Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Arthur got it dead wrong. They were all strong on the military as subject matter, on space wars, rational futures – essentially, fascist futures – and none of these things really matters today. It’s Dick and people like Frederik Pohl and Alfred Bester who were incredibly successful in predicting the future, because they were interested in social change, ecology, advertising. Look at Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google . . . These are Philip K Dick phenomena.”

˜Michael Moorcock