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Glenn Campbell Reminisces with Area 51 ‘Cammo Dudes’

It’s like 1995 all over again! Glenn Campbell, the self-proclaimed ‘former Area 51 guy’ who helped put the infamous secret base on the map thanks to his Groom Lake Desert Rat newsletter, had a recent mano a mano with the private security personnel known fondly as ‘the cammo dudes’, who are in charge of patrolling the roads and areas surrounding the facility, and are known to threaten those curious onlookers drawn by the Dreamland allure.

The Groom Lake Desert Rat (1994-1997) –to which I was subscribed waaay back when– documented the legal battle between Lincoln county’s residents and the Air Force, when the latter decided to expand the territory of the Nevada test site so curious onlookers would have a harder time snooping around in search of Bob Lazar’s ‘reverse-engineered’ saucers. The newsletter also covered several of the fringe rumors which were sprouting back in those merry days of suspicion, beer nights at the Little A’Le’Inn, and X-Files conspiranoia, including the tale of J-Rod, the alias of an engineer who claimed to have worked in the development of flight simulators intended to train Air Force pilots operate the reverse-engineered flying saucers; the story expanded upon Robert Lazar’s previous allegations, but got even more complicated since ‘J-Rod’ was also the name of one of the Gray aliens collaborating with US government’s reverse engineering program –the human J-Rod claimed his alien counterpart was fond of wearing terrestrial shirts; he also said Hungarian was the human language which had the closes resemblance to the Gray’s own language, something I’m sure would have flattered Zsa Zsa Gabor a lot…

It was later found J-Rod 2 (the human engineer) was a man by the name of Bill Uhouse, who kept telling his (unverifiable) tales of secret alliances between the government and visitors from Zeta Reticulli to anyone who would listen, until he passed away in 2009.

As for Glenn Campbell, while he had officially withdrawn from the UFO scene and Area 51, the mischievous smirk he gives at the end of his clip tells me he’s willing to relive the good ole times!

(If you want to read more stories about the world’s most famous secret base, be sure to read Blair MacKenzie Blake’s recounting of his own trips to Dreamland, in the 7th volume of Darklore)

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