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Wanderer: Self-Portraits Under the Northern Lights

This astonishing image is part of photographer Tiina Törmanen’s project Wanderer, in which she chose to travel the most remote regions of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in northern Finland on a snow mobile, and stay all by herself until the early hours of the morning, to capture the otherworldly beauty of the Northern lights using long-exposure shots.

“I was so impressed with the loneliness, the air and the silence,” she says. “Out there you feel so small because there is only cold and ice.”

Törmanen had already experience in capturing the Arctic Aurorae, but this time she decided to place herself at the forefront to provide a sense of human scale, and using a headlamp which she moved slightly during the delayed exposure, she created a small pool of light beneath her feet as an artificial contrast to the river of light flowing above her head. Quite poetic, indeed.


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