News Briefs 09-07-2015

C’mon FOX! You call that a tease!!

Thanks to Charles.

Quote of the Day:

“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

˜Khalil Gibran

  1. dat hype
    I never watched the X-Files that much but apparently they filmed a scene in one of their later seasons in my high school cafeteria. No joke. Except when we watched the episode it did not look like our cafeteria, which made us believe they filmed it in many cafeterias and didn’t pick ours on final cut. I don’t remember anything else about the episode.

      1. 🙁
        I was a kid for most of the seasons growing up and they scared me. 🙁
        I saw some episodes though later in life. What do you want? I was 5 when they premiered, aliens scared me!

    1. Alex Grey
      I want to know what Alex Grey thinks of DeepDream’s trippy images. Is it just a quirky feature of Google’s algorithms, or is it perhaps showing some fundamental aspect in the process of perception?

  2. cattle
    He is worried about Asian countries not buying their cattle because they may approve gay marriage? Don’t most Asian countries have a huge fish diet anyway? I’m sorry if that’s incorrect, it’s just that they all seem to rely on fish as the main source of protein. Also the distance between Asia and Australia isn’t that close, so they must be paying through the nose for beef to get there. Something doesn’t add up. Gives a whole new meaning to ‘meat’

      1. I attended a local new age-y
        I attended a local new age-y conference about 10 years ago at which Nancy Talbot was a guest speaker. She had just lost her beloved brother – I forgot how he died – but she was obviously in enormous grief. This van den Broeke character came into her life when her judgement may been clouded by grief and loss, and he was clearly someone who filled an emotional void. She was “mothering” him in an obsessional manner. His tricks with photography were very obvious, yet Talbot was blind to it all. It was distressing to watch her lecture with the hoaxed slides and all the rest of it.

        1. Yep
          Problem is, the current illegal market seeks to boost THC instead of CBD. Reverting the illegal status of the drug would move medical companies to seek CBD-increased cannabis strains.

          1. That work is being done in
            That work is being done in the private sector beginning most notably with the “Charlotte’s Web” strain being grown here in the US by private growers serving the markets where marijuana is legal. Most of the high cannabidiol/low THC hemp plant breeding is being done in Europe which is the source for the high cannabidiol strains from which are derived the oils sold in the US legally in many states at the moment. Though some states have technically made it “legal,” others have neither made it legal nor illegal yet.


          2. All I want to know is…
            where is it going to be available in MEXICO??

            My family has a history of Alzheimer’s. I even suspect my dad, who is in his late 70s, is starting to develop it. I think he knows it, too; which is why he spends so much time solving Sudokus and crosswords.

            Being bilingual will help me keep my mind sharp, but that will only help me so far. And there’s also the risks of Cancer; last year one of my uncles passed away after suffering a really hard battle with lung cancer, and I remember how frustrating it was trying to research cannabis oil vendors online, only to see not one of them exported their wares to Mexico 🙁

  3. ¡Cuba!
    So, as so breathlessly reports, WHO has “validated” Cuba’s claim to have totally eradicated mother-to-child-transmission of not only HIV but syphilis as well. Riiiiiight. And the media release was dropped off by Fidel’s personal Jestons flying car.

    “Validating” the eradication of mother-to-child HIV and syphilis, eh? That’s a neat trick, since there has been absolutely no independent verification of anything in Cuba since 1959. What WHO did was look at data provided to it by the regim – plus take a few tours through the Potemkin clinics maintained for the painfully credulous.

    GIGO. It’s just that you so seldom see so many entities so eager to lap up garbage. But then this is to be expected when science becomes just an extension of ideology.

    1. Cuban Medical System
      There are MANY things to criticize about Cuba and its government. Their medical system is not one of them. Everybody in Latin America –including the harshest critics of the Castro bros– agree Cuban doctors are some of the best in the world.

      1. I don’t know why cbd oil
        I don’t know why cbd oil should be illegal in Mexico.

        Here is a good second choice – legal everywhere on the planet – black cumin seed oil. I take this every day:

        PubMed published lab studies on black cumin’s most active constituent – thymoquinone:
        Black cumin seed oil should be stored in glass bottles – not plastic.

        Coconut oil and Alzheimer’s:

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