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The Timeless Mystery of Hy’Brasil

The above video is a nice and short compendium of the mystery surrounding the legendary Hy’Brasil, a mythical island which has been popularized as ‘the other Atlantis.’

The fact that it was portrayed in several ancient maps, and that there’s even some first-person accounts of actual mariners who claimed to have visited the island, is nowadays dismissed by modern historians and cartographers as nothing but folklore. The same reason behind why those maps also showed the customary warning “Here Be Monsters” on regions still uncharted.

But the mystery of Hy’Brasil got a recent rekindling a few years ago with the release of the book The Rendlesham Forest Incident [Amazon US & UK], co-written by Jim Penniston , Jim Burroughs and Nick Pope. Penniston and Burroughs are first-hand witnesses to the famous Rendlesham UFO case of December, 1980; many years after the incident, Penniston claimed that when he touched the strange triangular craft roaming through the British forest on that fateful December night, he received a ‘binary transmission’, which was later encoded and said to directly pinpoint to the geographical location of Hy-Brasil.

It has to be said though, that the new book has been challenged by a few investigators within the UFO field. Mainly Peter Robbins, the co-author of Left At East Gate [Amazon US & UK] with Larry Warren, who has always been the subject of attacks by some of the other characters involved in the Rendlesham story –e.g. retired Colonel Charles Halt. Peter wrote an entire e-book as a critique to Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, which you can download here.

To listen to the Grimerica Show interview with Burroughs and Pope, click here.

Incidentally, last year I had a chance to chat with Irish researcher Barry Fitzgerald at the Paradigm Symposium, and among the things we discussed was Hy’Brasil. Barry told me how one of his associates had apparently found remnants of an ancient coral reef right in the coordinates of Hy’Brasil, implying that an island could have existed there in the past.

But if so, what happened to it?

No doubt this mystery will continue capturing our imagination for many years to come. In fact, I kind of suspect J.J. Abrams might have been inspired by the legend of Hy’Brasil and used it as source material for his famous Lost TV show –or infamous, depending on whether you liked how the series ended or not.

Who knows? Maybe there were a few polar bears roaming around the Irish island, along with the giant black rabbits.

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