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News Briefs 26-06-2015

A little reading to end your working week…

Quote of the Day:

All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.

Julio Cortázar

  1. news
    Alchemy/Harry Potter: well duh! I knew that from the very beginning. In the video game you could actually collect cards that described some of the alchemists, such as Flamel.

    Shabani: damn, Japanese women are so desperate for love that a gorilla is an option. No wonder their scientist believe that they will go existinct in 1000 years. The deadly trifecta of too many dating sites (if I recall Japan has 41,000), a gorilla, and too many otakus 😛

  2. and another face
    I “discovered” a very big face like this 10 years ago, took pictures of it etc..

    It is either a face or looks like a face, who cares.

    The only stunning thing is how such stuff can generate such hype nowadays, likely because relevant news are no longer allowed to communicate to people.

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