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News Briefs 14-05-2015

…Does this mean I get a refund?

Thanks to Paul Revans, Chuckycabra and the Roswell Slides Research Group (RSRG)

Quote of the Day:

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”

~Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. Parallels
    While it is frequently found that NDE’s lead into encounters with deceased relatives who say they are “all right,” it is also the case with “ghosts” that at times the deceased convey that they are not at all “all right.” Some of them appear to be “stuck” in a what is perhaps an in between state or purgatory if you will that is “alternate” but not “all right.”
    For those of us who work with various energetic tools such as orgonite and who have here and there evaporated problem hauntings with such tools there appear to be involved issues loosely described as “positive” and “negative” – not just in terms of emotionality but also perhaps aligned with our physics concepts of positive and negative “poles.”

    1. Polarity
      So it’s an energetic problem, not a karmic one? It’s not a matter of learning a life lesson, the consequences of your actions and all that?

      1. Those two things aren’t
        Those two things aren’t contradictory. In the case of the ghosts who were haunting one place I cleared some of them were dressed in civil war garb. The haunted complex of modern buildings had been built underneath a grove of what turned out to be very old “hanging trees.” It is likely that some sort of unresolved karmic transaction was involved in this haunting.
        I am partial to the idea that many stuck spirits were at the moment of death fearful of “going to the light” because their sullied earthly actions and cultural conditioning about consequences thereof made them fearful that going to the Light would be flinging themselves into Hell. The ancillary theory about orgone energy is that its positivity gives these spirits the courage to sally forth into the light and leave their limbo behind. It’s sort of like a spiritual anti-depressant. LOL

  2. Elon Musk
    *years later in a circle of hell*

    Demon: Hi Mr. Musk, I’d like you to meet someone. Mr. Hawass can you please come introduce yourself to Mr. Musk?

    Zahi Hawass: hmmph mmmph

    Demon: Oh stop being such a fuddy-duddy, Mr. Hawass!

    Elon Musk: What’s his problem?

    Demon: Oh he’s just pissed because Neil Degrasse Tyson stole his toy truck yesterday…


    1. Neil Tyson
      I’m not his greatest fan, but what did he do to deserve such eternal punishment?

      Yeah I know he’s a total ignoramus with re. to UFOs and abductions, but so was Carl Sagan. And I still have huge gratitude toward him and Cosmos 🙂

      Musk? Well… focusing solely on their work is the curse of driven individuals. On the one hand we want them to solve our problems with their technological super-powers, but on the other hand we get outraged if they do so in ways we find morally unacceptable.

      I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think that if Musk really reprimanded an employee over birth leave –and he’s claiming he didn’t– that it’s just as wrong as when Apple employees had the misfortune of being caught up with Steve jobs in an elevator, and got fired over a fiery tantrum even before they had the chance to reach their floor. And yet we consumers are still demanding a much faster innovation pace out of these companies.

      Jobs did mellow down with age, though, and perhaps Musk will do the same.

      As for Hawass? Hell is too good for him! 😛

      1. Tyson
        He started getting on people’s nerves after the show Cosmos. I really don’t care either way, but some think he may have started to get a big head. Not as bad as Hawass though by any means.

  3. bear
    I kind of feel sorry for the bear though. While I’m sure the bear would tear this guy in half, I still don’t want it getting hit with the axe. Yes, this is one of those times where you cheer for the bear.

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