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In light of our recent incidence of collective missing time –how else to explain we’re already in March!– today’s news have a little more UFO content than normal. Enjoy.

Thanks to Chuckycabra and a Baby Duck.

Quote of the Day:

“They need magic. That’s why. They’re taught from the very beginning, when they’re taught about Santa Claus, and angels, and devils, and demons out of the earth and into the sky. They’re told all this fanciful stuff as small children, and they get to believe that. And they want that to be theirs, that kind of magic to visit them. And they want to—pardon me [ noisily sneezes]. Ah yes, that shows my respect for them, so there.”

~James Randi, ‘splaining why ignorant people like to believe in paranormal lies [/sarcasm]