News Briefs 20-01-2015

Welcome to the prison library.

Quote of the Day:

When I worked in the prison library, I learnt that the books someone read said everything about them I’d need to know.

Ken London (via @cultauthor)

  1. Common sense about UFOs…
    It is an unfortunate fact that 99.9% of all articles and desk’pertise on the subject are about as unbiased as one finds politicians during an election year. Worse still, these opposing factions are not aimed so much at the truth as they are openly vilifying one another.

    Common sense? Hmmm…

    The history of Unidentified Flying Objects or Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon, is quite extensive and is worth a serious look. Well, unless one is displaying a brand of contempt for the subject’s very existence or, on the flip, hanging it out like the poster of a circus sideshow hawker, trying to attract as many takers as possible.

    Common sense… right.

    The outcome is exactly what we see today; a subject worth the attention of the scientific community but that gets not a tad, a smidgen… the crumb of an iota. And who can blame them? If they do, they will be dragged into this ugly arena by all the unyielding know-it-alls from both extremes.

    So… for now, just as it is displayed in the article noted above; it is still a push-button topic for snarling writers out to attack their opposites.

    Common sense? It simply does not exist here.

  2. Why, Tanya, Why?
    “So why don’t we see evidence for E.T.s everywhere?”


    Could it be because “disclosure is (still) dead” Jim?

    If humans fail to make the next big leap it won’t be too surprising given our obvious inability to draw basic conclusions and our proven preference for living in denial. To wit, we can’t say it hasn’t all been done before. Where’s our sense of déjà vu when it comes to that?

    What’s so bizarre to me is that the ET’s gave mankind so many gifts – domesticated plants and animals, language, principles of society, etc., etc. – but not the ability to become “as the gods.” Instead, mankind was sentenced to act out an endless loop of cosmic drama. It’s like the Earth is just a plaything or laboratory. There doesn’t even seem to be any particular concern that human slaves have overthrown their old masters and are now trashing the place.

    I think I’ll write a (another) book about it … NOT!! You have to be independently wealthy AND brain damaged to write Fortean books. On second thought, let’s just write everything down on some recycled paper and bury it as a papier mâché mask.

    It was a “Fantastic Voyage” of news articles today. Gratzi Grail Seeker!

  3. Deja vu
    I have severe memory loss that started when I hit puberty. Even if I had just completed a simple every day task, like closing my locker in school, I would forget I just did it before I would even get to class. I also would have moments were I forgot where I put things that I just placed down or if I closed doors I was just near. I have to put bells on doorknobs so I remember hearing the bell so I know I closed the door. Most of the memories from my past as a child are very fuzzy even though I never went any kind of trauma. To this day if I get real stressed I will loose any recent thought, also if I sneeze while bending over I loose my memory of what I’m doing. Like this boy tests have not shown any signs of neurological issue. Deja vu sounds worse than memory loss in my opinion, but it may be on par with what I have. I think it’s a hormonal thing or something to do with the chemicals in our bodies.

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