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News Briefs 15-01-2015

So this is the Future, and all we got… is this?

Thanks to Chris.

Quote of the Day:

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.”

~Jane Goodall

  1. Red Pill of the Day
    State-hood/Nationalism was an improvement over the oppression of royal rule. Ideally, government should provide protection of the small and weak against the predations of the big and strong. However, government is increasingly being dominated by the big and strong, so I’m not sure where we go from here. A return to kingship doesn’t seem advisable, nor does complete anarchy. Maybe the next “reboot” of civilization is coming soon and it doesn’t really matter anyway. Could this be the reason for the sudden increase in extra-terrestrial tourism? Haha!

  2. Arab Cartoonists
    Enjoyed the article, especially the image of a cartoonist’s hand trying to work but producing only a bloody splatter on the page. We need Superhero RPJ to save the day!!

    In the States, the Media is imposing political correctness on everything. Even football players have to watch what they say and tweet, and immediately apologize for anything remotely offensive. I think it has made people think before they speak/write, but it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness.

    1. Left-wing Fundamentalists
      It sure is weird to see ‘liberals’ condemning the Charlie Hebdo attack and defend ‘freedom of speech’, while at the same time trying to impose ridiculous rules of censorship in Western dialogue –like “trigger warnings” and such…

      [Mehdi Hasan had interesting things to add to the discussion in this column]

      It was also interesting to learn that in 2009 the same publication that didn’t have any qualms in mocking Islam, decided to sack one of the editorialists for “anti-Semitism.”

      A very complex discussion indeed…

      1. Travesty
        To answer your hypothetical question RPG, no nothing is sacred. Hell, you’ve posted articles here on Aztec and Inca temples that get mowed down by bulldozers to make room for condos. Of course it pisses you off! Be afraid! Be very afraid that as the generations that respect these monuments get older and the new ones come in that nothing will be respected enough to be preserved! I’ve already relegated myself to one day living through the Sistine Chapel being turned into the first European Walmart 😛

    1. Every Planet We Reach is Dead
      It really looks as if the artist writes (and draws) from a position of experience with all these things. I’m tempted to try it myself :3

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