News Briefs 04-12-2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spending…

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Quote of the Day:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

˜George Orwell

  1. Radio Mysterio, RPJ Interview, Part III (of only two parts)
    I don’t always drink, but when I talk about self-censorship, I always drink Jameson! 10 million years ago our ancestors discovered fire water … and it hasn’t been safe to climb trees ever since.

      1. Who Needs Self-Censored?
        It was a challenge to find Part 3 also. That was the reason for the masked allusion to the theme song of “Return of the Killer Tomatoes.”
        (the famous line is at 6:23 into the vid)

        PEDs are also helpful when watching, particularly due to the Nordic subtitles.

        This was evidently the movie that launched George Clooney’s career, who seems to have invented “product placement” parody too:

        It’s rare when a sequel is better than the original, nevertheless the first movie seems to have made a positive impression on the Hispanic community:

  2. Richard III and the Y-Chromosome Break
    The DNA testing also proved that certain blue-bloods that claimed to be descendants of Richard III are not. They are taking it surprisingly well though. Evidently, the practice of primogeniture (with regard to the leading ladies) ensured that male lineage was always a broken one. It didn’t necessarily mean you were illegitimate, but that “God” was likely your real daddy.

    The bigger problem for certain royals is finding out that their paternal DNA isn’t that of the original Atlantean strain (R1b) possessed by King Tut, Richard III, Tzar Nicholas, etc.

    1. Tut’s DNA
      Here’s a quote from a highly recommended article involving Tut’s DNA, and the whole drama unfolding around Zahi Hawass and the Egyptian’s Arab Spring:

      The team didn’t publish any information on the mummies’ racial or ethnic origins, saying that the data on the issue was incomplete. But that didn’t stop others from speculating. A Swiss genealogy company named IGENEA issued a press release based on a blurry screen-grab from the Discovery documentary. It claimed that the colored peaks on the computer screen proved that Tutankhamun belonged to an ancestral line, or haplogroup, called R1b1a2, that is rare in modern Egypt but common in western Europeans.
      For IGENEA, the whole affair was linked to a marketing exercise. It appears to have had no access to the data itself except a snapshot of a computer screen in a TV show, and yet the company now advertises a Tutankhamun DNA Project, which it describes as a search for the pharaoh’s “last living relatives.” The company offers a variety of online DNA tests costing up to $1,500. The sweetener? If your profile matches that of the boy king, you get your money back. Gad refuses to even say whether IGENEA’s analysis of the DNA shown in the documentary is correct. “This is not,” he says, “how science should be conveyed.”

      Is there any culture in history that so many are so keen to lay claim to, whether for financial or political gain? “Owning” the pharaohs, it seems, means establishing a privileged place in history to being the founders of civilization. No matter that the ancient Egyptians were almost certainly an ethnically mixed group. They have become a mirror for whoever looks at them, focusing and reflecting the battles and prejudices of today.

      1. Holy Blood, Holy Cow!
        IGENEA is another good example of archaeological heroism! It’s a shame that interested parties have to go to such lengths to circumvent scholarly suppression.

        Marchant’s book is excellent. I blogged on it earlier in the year:

        What is so fascinating to me is that if you overlay the map showing the highest concentrations of royal Y-DNA (R1b) with the one showing the highest concentration of royal mtDNA (H-Haplotype), you realize that the Basque region of Spain is the sweet spot for both. I suspect that this is some kind of smoking gun in terms of origins of the royal family beyond Western Europe, i.e., in Atlantis.

          1. The DNA Was on the Table
            IGENEA didn’t “steal” the DNA, only the results that were inadvertently exposed by the camera during filming.

          2. My point
            My point exactly: We’re talking about something created from whole cloth –or in this case, a screen grab. We need to be patient and wait if further testing of Tut’s DNA will be carried out, since there are more than a few reasons to take the results obtained for the Discovery program with a grain of salt.

          3. Out of Patience for Hawass
            The testing was done and the results were not what Hawass desired, so they were suppressed. Other sources already leaked that the ancestry was more European than African. We’ll see if Hawass decides to “come clean” now that his former team is starting to cross the picket line, but it is pretty much OBE anyway.

            The DNA results of Tut were obtained “fairly” and are not really that surprising. The royal family was head of a near global network and did not “belong” to any particular region, country or ethnic persuasion. They were essentially “all things to all people.” It doesn’t have to be a racial issue.

          4. Ancestry
            The tests were NOT about trying to determine ancestry, but the LINEAGE of Tut. In the article I mentioned above, it was clear that Hawass didn’t even want to try to explore the possible ethnicity of the pharaoh.

          5. Was the Lineage Gone Unbroken, Bye and Bye?
            They went so far as to make a physical model of Tut’s head, so I can’t totally agree with that. The determination of blood type was also made, but they chose not to publish it, and not for scientific reasons but for social. Nevertheless, as a Grail researcher (with no racial axe to grind) this if of course highly interesting and also highly informative. The R1b Y-Chromosome and H-Haplotype mtDNA send out a “light sabre” directly towards Atlantis. It’s basically telling us that a hereditary kingship existed at the end of the Ice Age and persisted (almost completely in tact) not only until Pharaonic times but right on through to Richard III and Tsar Nicholas. There is no need to put a moral judgment on that. It is what is, and was what it was. Is the search for the Holy Grail about finding the truth or living in denial?

          6. Finding the truth
            But taking what you find with a grain of salt 😉

            I’m in the middle –well, more like a quarter– of Andrew Collins’ book on Gobekli Tepe. He has some pretty wild ideas about the real origin of the Nephilim in Genesis. You might want to check it out to see if it pairs with your own research.

          7. Dodgers vs. Giants
            There are always other explanations, including the right one, haha. But, as long as we’re still searching, that’s the main thing.

            I’m game for anything Andrew Collins put out.

            The weird thing about the end of the Ice Age was that EVERYTHING was supersized, not just humans. But, in cosmological terms, things get smaller as the Universe ages. The ginormous Primordial Gods (Super Giant Stars?) gave way to the Titans (Giant Stars and Planets) who gave way to the smaller Olympians (Main Sequence Stars and Earth-like planets) who gave way to the Heroes who gave way to the Kings who are now giving way to us Little People. The only thing that doesn’t seem to get smaller is black holes.

  3. trolls
    Notice how the one mother refers to her kid as “little shit”? And you wonder why the kid is messed up? Trolls are 9/10 between the ages of 6-14 and could use some parenting because all they want to do is start racial arguments, telling people they are going to rape them, or pissing off religions (especially Muslims, they love to call all Muslims terrorists) which is frankly disgusting and pitiful. They have no idea that they are slowly ruining their lives. If I was a CEO of a company and I saw that the guy I was hiring was telling a young woman he was going to rape her, I would not hire him. They don’t understand what it really means to be racist, they don’t understand the hate they are causing and what’s worse I starting to believe that there are just no good kids out there anymore. The new drug isn’t cigarettes or pot, it’s internet trolling. They think that because they are not bullying at school they won’t get in trouble, they can’t see that they are royally screwing themselves for the rest of their life. I hope the punishment for these kids will soon go beyond their mother’s grounding them. I miss the old days when Maury Povich would send them to boot camp.

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