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A Fortean Feast with Joshua Cutchin

In case you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to head over to Mysterious Universe and listen to their latest podcast, which features a fascinating conversation with Joshua Cutchin, a guy who’s been researching an all too-neglected aspect in the annals of Forteana: The exchange of food stuffs with humanoid entities.

I first learned of Joshua through my Cosmic Compadre, Micah Hanks, who had him as a guest on The Gralien Report some time ago. Many of the things he said in that radio show resonated with my own views re. the UFO phenomenon, and from there we started to exchange e-mails and became fast friends. Joshua asked me for my opinion in his investigations on what he calls ‘Entity food’ and I was more than delighted to do so, mainly because I found in him a true Fortean in every sense of the word; like Micah and myself, he’s not afraid of dipping his fingers into fields that are often considered to be as separate as oil and water. But as any decent chef would tell you, it is when you dare to mix the ‘unmixable’ that new flavors and textures are discovered –and if you doubt me, then I bet you’d never tasted a good mole.

From Joe Simonton’s cardboard-tasting pancakes, to the Celtic taboos which admonished not to taste any food and drink in Fairyland, I’m sure that Grailers will find Joshua and his research a real treat.

(And in case you happen to have a good personal experience to share for his still-to-be-published book, you can contact him at

Bon Appetit!

  1. The story of the guy who had
    The story of the guy who had his molars stolen makes me think we’re NPCs in an MMO and sometimes players mess with us.

    I wonder how many of the stories of people going into restaurants and asking, “what is pizza?” or “what are peas?” are due to absurdist artists or Operation Mindfuck?

    1. Here in Northwest Arkansas I
      Here in Northwest Arkansas I once put an artichoke on the checkout conveyor, and was asked by the cute little country girl at the register what it was and how to eat it. They truly are among us and always have been. Heh-heh.


        “…there was so much I wanted to know, that she hardly knew where to begin. Then I was invited to the most controversial breakfast of my entire life. Instead of toast, eggs and bacon, I found the gelatinous looking plants from their planet impossible to eat and I tried the complicated arrangement of small containers from which I was supposed to sip…”

        “…in order to grow new fruits and existing new plant flavours, our friends have brought with them the most interesting specimens of vegetation and they are real biological wonders. Some of these are cross-fertilised and transplanted with plants entirely different to theirs. Plants from our planet and others, are used to produce new taste sensations…”

          1. Mu daughter’s boyfriend who
            Mu daughter’s boyfriend who is visiting us as we speak and is one of the people running “Baby Castles” in NYC ( says that gamers and coders still eat the stuff occasionally if only in tribute to their clan.

          2. Tribute
            Well, I guess it makes sense, but to me tne concept was taking biohacking too far. Only Robocop could cope with eating bland goop every day 😉

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