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YOU SHALL NOT PASS The Chance to See the New Hobbit Trailer!

C’mon, watch the 1st official trailer of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and if you don’t feel a shudder in your heart, I’ll call you a Nazgûl –or something rhyming with that…

Will this be the last cinematic trip to Middle-Earth we’ll have? Who knows. The Tolkien universe is vast, and has proven to be a bigger treasure trove than Smaug’s lair. For myself, I’m glad Peter Jackson managed to properly close the circle on a journey he began since 1995, when he started planning on how to bring the saga of the Ring to the silver screen.

The battle commences on December 17th. Onward!

    1. Armies
      Yeah, I remember reading 10 years ago or so a Wired article explaining how each and everyone of those virtual soldiers is endowed with a rudimentary A.I., in order to create the illusion of organic complexity in a battlefield.

      I’ve heard also that the latest Lord of the Rings videogame also takes advantage of foes which can gain more intelligence and complexity if they manage to defeat you in battle. All the more reason to upgrade to a new console! 🙂

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