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News Briefs 12-11-2014

The eerie sound of Rosetta’s comet (with a touch of reverb maybe?)

Quote of the Day:

Everywhere I go I find that a poet has been there before me

Sigmund Freud

  1. Making a Mountain Out of an Ant Hill
    Our world was dominated by the royal family for most of known history (and pre-history), but few (if any) scientists study this phenomenon. I guess it’s less controversial to study ants and other species than ourselves.

    The royal breeding model worked for such a long time because it was rule-based, which curbed the effects of selfishness. Each royal prince and princess had a fair chance of producing the next generation of royals. It was essentially a genetic lottery. However, it wasn’t entirely foolproof and “cheating” did ultimately bring the system down. For example, an infertile princess might be tempted to have a child by a non-royal male and pass it off as royal. Or a dominant king/queen might be tempted to name an unhealthy offspring as heir rather than the healthy offspring of a rival royal.

    In terms of sustainability (over thousands of years) this system was remarkable, yet the exact effects (good and/or bad) on the human genome are still undetermined.

  2. The Grail Children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene
    Here’s a better article about the “new” manuscript:

    This is a fascinating manuscript and probably will shed much light on the subject of Jesus’ sex life.

    Simcha Jacobovici, co-author of the new book based on the controversial 8th Century Egyptian manuscript, hosted the cheeky and generally quite informative series, The Naked Archaeologist, however he is called a “journalist” in the article.

    As the above article explains, it is proposed that the manuscript encodes details about the relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by ascribing them to the Old Testament figures of Joseph and Asenath. Their two sons are also referred to symbolically as “Manasseh and Ephraim.” This seems to have been a quite ingenious way to preserve historical details that were otherwise “classified,” i.e., for royal/aristocratic eyes only. So, I definitely look forward to reading this new book.

    Since publishing an article on TDG about Jesus and Mary Magdalene ten years ago, I’ve done extensive research into the subject of their marriage and children. It is now certain that they did in fact have two sons, Aristobulus and Agrippa. Mary Magdalene (Salome) had an older son as well, who was called Herod/Herodion, and a daughter. These heirs of Jesus were “hidden,” because Jesus was being patterned after Alexander the Great, whose own natural dynasty was also “hidden.” This is the subject of my new book, “Alexander the Great: Beyond the Divide.

    (No, you don’t need to read the entire book, just read the summary here and you’ll know what’s going on!)

    It is also now certain that Mary Magdalene was the ancestor of all future royalty (European AND Middle Eastern/Asian). This subject is much more than an esoteric curiosity.

    1. “Joseph and Asenath” as Christian Symbols
      Did a little more digging on this. There is a Wikipedia page on this manuscript, which states that certain scholars have already concluded the work belongs among the Christian (rather than Jewish) Apocrypha:

      When Aseneth Met Joseph (1998) by Ross Shepard Kraemer
      “… the story is remarkable because of its focus on a female character and its lack of overt misogyny.”

      Joseph and Aseneth: A Christian Book (2012)
      “Aseneth symbolizes the church, Joseph is a prototype of Christ, and their marriage is a symbolic representation of the eternal marriage between Christ and the church.”

      1. “The Lost Gospel” Called “(Monty) Python-esque”
        Well, the Anglican church seems to have some sense of humor about all this, declaring the allegorical interpretation to be Python-esque. (That’s a compliment in my book!)

        “Reading the text through this speculative allegorical lens, the two authors say it reveals that Jesus, far from being a lowly carpenter’s son hailing from the tiny town of Nazareth, was instead a player — a powerful political figure at the highest levels of the Roman Empire.”

        Actually, we don’t need another “Lost Gospel” to tell us this, but I’m still looking forward to considering their “cipher.”

        There is an on-line translation of “Joseph and Asenath.”

        Asenath and her seven virgin attendants keep a nightly vigil in wait of Joseph’s coming. In Chapter 20, Asenath scandalously washes the feet of Joseph, as in the Gospels. Gad is a central character as in the Apocryphal book, The Acts of Thomas. There is also a central theme of not repaying evil with evil. We’ll have to see what else the “Naked Grailologist” comes up with!

  3. resurrection
    [quote=]They were preparing to call the family in to say goodbye when the impossible happened, leaving medical professionals at a loss to explain, other than to call it “divine providence.”[/quote]

    No, it’s Nature. Sometimes the things that can’t be explained don’t mean “divine” they mean Nature. All the chest compressions and other work up the did on her may have helped kick her heart back into beat, even if it was delayed. And I know that the Christians reading this will think this is an Atheistic statement, well I’m not an Atheist. I am, however, a person with genetic heart problems, everyone in my family has some form of heart disease or Factor V Leiden, and I belong to a family of medical professionals who have seen a lot of weird cases over the years. So for me a scientific explanation always comes first, and “divine” is not always scientific. The human body is a fascinating “machine” that should never be underestimated by saying “it was God!”

    1. Likewise…….
      The works of the Gods should never be sullied by calling them “science”.

      Anyone who calls himself a scientist and refutes the divine is, to me, a lost soul and someone I never want to have associated with my family, or me.

      After all, the Gods created everything. Science is simply a word we use to symbolize our attempts to understand how They did it.

    2. Lastloup wrote: No, it’s
      Lastloup wrote: No, it’s Nature. Sometimes the things that can’t be explained don’t mean “divine” they mean Nature.

      I too thought the continued resuscitation efforts were what kept the brain alive for the 45 minutes… A miracle not being required – though not disproven either. What I found interesting was her statement her deceased father told her it wasn’t her time, she was needed and sent her back. Dream, hallucination, fabrication, or genuine message from the other side in a true NDE? Would love to here a more detailed account of her memories during her time “deceased.”

  4. Mars One
    Why not just rename it “Moon 1” and follow all the same steps. More achievable. More realistic. Less chance of participants dropping out or going crazy during the trip. And we need to establish an off planet base – doesn’t the moon make more sense? I’m sure there would be just as much if not more interest, as it is far more realistic.

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