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Disclosure is Dead

This is probably the best thing you’ll read this week, or perhaps this entire year: A rather ballsy editorial by Robbie Graham, film researcher & author of the upcoming book Silver Screen Saucers, on why the UFO Disclosure movement is either defunct, or should be regarded as such by anyone interested in moving forward in our understanding of the phenomenon, instead of just maintaining a subordinate attitude toward government officialdom, in hope that if we yell long & loud enough, they might finally share with us the secrets about UFOs they may still hold.

But what if, as Robbie and several others in the research community have already asked, the only thing governments are keeping away from us, is their complete incapacity to make heads or tails about what UFOs really are, and their true interests and/or intentions toward humanity? What if they are only hiding their own ignorance and insecurity toward a phenomenon to which they have absolutely no control of?

The ultimate irony of the Disclosure movement is that it deeply distrusts officialdom, while simultaneously looking to officialdom for the truth. And by imagining all answers to the UFO mystery to be out of public reach, deep in the bowels of the national security state, the Disclosure movement actually places power into hands of officialdom, while disempowering the individual.

Robbie delivered this paper during the latest Exopolitics conference in Leeds, but instead of being tarred and feathered by an angry mob, he received a standing ovation! Perhaps it was because people are getting tired of the empty promises delivered by the leaders of the Disclosure movement, who for the past 15 years or so keep hammering on how ‘the Truth’ is just around the corner, and how soon we’ll all be enjoying free energy in a peaceful planet which has finally been admitted in the Galactic Federation –Stephen Bassett was also a speaker in that event, and in contrast he received a lukewarm applause after his presentation.

But it’s not that Robbie is poo-pooing *everything* that the Exopolitics movement has tried to accomplish. On the contrary, he acknowledges the efforts of “Bassett and others [who] undoubtedly have brought the UFO phenomenon (whatever it might represent) to the attention of many thousands of people around the world who previously were indifferent to the issue.”

What does concern me, however, is that Disclosure has become the focus of the UFO community, its alluring offer of a fast track to UFO truth marginalising the more esoteric approaches to the phenomena. In short, in the age of Disclosure and Exopolitics, the pursuit of UFO truth is political, rather than mystical. If the day ever comes when humanity can claim an understanding of the UFO phenomenon, Iโ€™m very confident that politics will have played almost no role in this enlightenment.

It has to be said that, not too long ago, Robbie’s attitude toward Disclosure was somewhat different, and he even tried to use his blog Silver Screen Saucers as a platform to support the Exopolitics activism. It was in fact Robbie the one who convinced me to join in the Disclosure Petition, that Stephen Bassett had launched on the We the People White House webpage in 2011 —and we all know how well THAT turned out, don’t we?

When I asked Robbie via e-mail when he started to change his mind about Disclosure and why, this was his response:

I’m not really sure I ‘changed my mind’ about Disclosure so much as my mind inevitably moved on from it (as you predicted it would!). As individuals, our minds are all ‘wired’ a certain way — we’re each inclined to certain modes of thought. I’m a left-brainer. The nuts-and-bolts, political route to UFO ‘truth’ held natural appeal for me. But, as you know, a truly open-minded approach to UFO studies demands weighty input from the right brain. Indeed, for many in this field, the right-brained approach is the natural one.

Obviously, my latest piece is not objectively ‘correct’ or ‘true’ — it’s simply an opinion piece. It’s where I ‘am’ right now, sort of. But I’m learning that where I am right now is probably very far from I’ll be a year or even six months from now. So read it lightly. If it resonates with anyone else, cool. If it annoys people, that’s cool, too, and I’d encourage those latter folk to ask themselves why they feel provoked and to listen carefully to their inner voice for an honest reply.

I certainly hope that Robbie’s op-ed kickstarts a much-needed discussion in the community. Because IMO it’s high time we recognize what the evidence we’ve already gathered in the last 67 years or so seems to point at: That the UFO phenomenon doesn’t show a particular interest in our quaint forms of governmental structures, and instead of the iconical saucer landing on the White House lawn, what in fact seems to be happening is a ‘Grassroots’ type of Contact; as such, the Paradigm change ought to come from the bottom-up, instead of waiting to be sanctioned by the higher-ups, as the Disclosure movement is expecting.

It’s time to cut the middleman out of the equation, and for each and everyone of us to do our own heavy-lifting; not just wait for the answers to be handed down to us by professional liars.


  1. A Complex Phenomenon
    IMO the UFO phenomenon is likely a multi-headed hydra, not just a nuts-and-bolts reality OR a trans-dimensional one–or something else entirely. Does the government have the whole picture? Definitely not. But does it have a *piece* of the puzzle (most likely related to the nuts-and-bolts, ETH aspect)? I’m convinced it does. And there are many reasons why it might be reticent to divulge that piece besides what Robbie Graham suggests (though that’s certainly part of it)–some of them militaristic, some economic, and some sociological. Will they ever do so? I’m not holding my breath.

    1. That’s just it
      Should we then remain perennially holding our hand, saying “please sir, can I have some more UFO files?” like some sad version of Oliver Twist?

      How are we to trust the people who have deliberately lied all these years about what they know or may not know? “Hey, so we misinformed you for the past 6 decades, but you can trust us now that we’re telling you the truth!”.

      Some people, like Bryce Zabel and Rich Dolan, have tried to suggest a few scenarios in which Disclosure might come to pass, and how then the government of the world might be forced to give in and finally admit they knew they were here all along, just to save face.

      But perhaps the phenomenon does not care about governments. I think it was Michio Kaku who said that when a construction crew builds a new interstate highway, they don’t bother to establish diplomatic relationships with the ant hill nearby.

      I’m not a fan of Steven Greer, but I have to admit that his idea of bypassing government structures in order to establish a direct communication with the phenomenon is somewhat appealing. Problem is, instead of cutting the middleman, he appointed himself as the go-to intermediary between humans and UFOs. Changing a government for a quasi-cult is not much of an improvement…

      The point is, it’s time to change the paternalistic attitude toward the reality of UFOs. Just as you didn’t need your parents to give their seal of approval to the things you found interesting –like the music you liked, or the books you wanted to read– you don’t need Papa Government to tell you it’s all right to believe in UFOs.

      It’s time to see UFOs for what they are: The ultimate symbol of Anarchy.

      1. Pieces of the Puzzle
        “Should we then remain perennially holding our hand, saying “please sir, can I have some more UFO files?” like some sad version of Oliver Twist?”

        Of course not–and if my post implied that was my view, then I miscommunicated. My own thought (as implied by my last sentence) is that we’ll probably *never* wrestle that one, singular piece of the puzzle from them (the government)–we’re pretty much on our own, regarding not just that piece but all of them.

        1. There is a reason that the
          There is a reason that the space brothers are so reticent to make formal contact – their vibe and worldview is not really assimilable by us in our current state of evolution. They are being merciful and considerate of our mental and emotional well being by standing off at a distance. Disclosure is going to happen on their terms – not our terms or the terms of any government. Direct interactions between them and us in the old days happened before instantaneous global communications which would now make such interaction a matter of billions of people and a wildfire-like result.

          1. Space Brothers
            Part of me wants to believe in that narrative. The other one is also aware of the darker side of the phenomenon –e.g. the Chupas attacks in Brazil, in the 1970s

            Maybe you’re right, though, and we’re too impatient. What is 100 years, or even 1000 to an intelligence that might operate outside the boundaries of Time and Space?

        2. On our own
          Agreed ^_^

          That said, we should also be mindful that several governments take the issue very seriously –as I mentioned in that video interview I linked the other day. It almost feels as if, the mightier the nation, the more reluctant they are to admit UFOs exist ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. And there’s a third possibility . . .
    Which is that no governments are covering up or holding onto irrefutable hard evidence that a UFO phenomenon per se exists, nevertheless they have used and manipulated the public’s interest and belief in UFOs for purely clandestine intelligence purposes (that in itself would need to be be covered up, n’est pas?). Anyway, IMO The “Disclosure” movement exists solely because Greer and Bassett need a regular income, but don’t want mundane and boring real jobs.

    1. Clandestine purposes

      Which is that no governments are covering up or holding onto irrefutable hard evidence that a UFO phenomenon per se exists, nevertheless they have used and manipulated the public’s interest and belief in UFOs for purely clandestine intelligence purposes (that in itself would need to be be covered up, n’est pas?)

      That’s certainly a part of the puzzle –but, IMO, not as big a part as some people in America want it to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Take ET home
      I remember reading about that quote in Rich Dolan’s book, along with the stories of the so-called Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARV), and being fascinated by it.

      Now… I feel I’m not that interested in the ‘mechanic’ aspect of the phenomenon anymore. I mean I’m still very much interested in Science and all that, but it seems that we should focus instead in the ‘hard’ problem of modern Science: Consciousness.

      1. “I mean I’m still very much
        “I mean I’m still very much interested in Science and all that, but it seems that we should focus instead in the ‘hard’ problem of modern Science: Consciousness.’

        Which is what quite a few ET’s say also.

        1. Irreconcilable Differences
          Yes, I think ET could be waiting for us to become interested in the things that they are interested in. Right now we have nothing in common. Why should they cast pearls to swine, haha.

        2. Conscious That We are Not Very Significant?
          ET seems to respond to gestures that show that we are conscious of them, such as trumping our crop circles with even more elaborate crop circles. On the other hand these types of displays also indicate Earth may be nothing more than an Galactic tourist attraction – sort of how we delight in a playful dolphin at Sea World or a cigarette smoking monkey at the zoo. ET seems more interested in making a little mischief with us than helping us “return to the wild.” Are they just “Messin’ with Sasquatch?”

          1. The now strong statistical
            The now strong statistical correlation between sasquatch sightings and UFO sightings argues for squatch being an ET project – perhaps certain ET races are looking for a less environmentally destructive hominid to replace sapiens sapiens. If the stories are to believed though most ET races have a code of non-interference in our affairs at least in an overt manner, ie they think we will not truly learn from our mistakes if we are not allowed to make them.

          2. Cat & the laser pointer
            Mac Tonnies once wrote a nice little essay, which was later incorporated in his (posthumous) book The Cryptoterrestrials. He told how he used to play with his cat by manipulating a laser pointer, pointing the dot on the floor and then the walls; and he later tried to make the game even more interesting by trying to make the little red dot act as a living being, hiding away from the cat in the corners, and then scurrying away after the cat pounced on it.

            He realized that, even though he was well aware that the laser point was not real (unlike his cat, who couldn’t help to act out of its feline nature) he was as much invested in this playful interaction as the cat was. It meant something to him –and at the same time, it kept the cat interested and fit.

            Perhaps it’s a similar thing with the UFOs; in which case… is it really so terrible that our master(s) show some interest in us? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          3. Schrรถdinger’s Laser
            Could it be that the superficial knowledge passed down to man by the gods amounted to “stupid human tricks”? I’m good with that! Maybe humans had some role in assisting ET in the original Earth survey (geological, biological, etc.). But that would have ended long ago. Were we kept around simply for amusement? Works for me.

            We are too weak to be proper animals and not smart enough to be proper gods. Sensitivity may be our greatest gift, but we spend much of our lives suppressing that. In Myth, the decision of the High God was to wipe mankind out, and it was only by the defiance of a subordinate god that we were not. Of course there is a psychological element to this story. A guilt (“born sinner”) trip was put on mankind to keep us in our place! Yet, I can’t totally buy into our continued existence being attributed to an act of disobedience (accident/mistake). But perhaps we should still not think so highly of ourselves either.

            We could be just a little more than a plaything. The “Experiment” might be continuing in some fashion. But, if humans know they are being measured/studied, doesn’t that affect the thing being studied/measured? True, but it seems that human rulers have always known what’s up. So, if ET has a “non-interference” policy toward human existence, it is probably based on principles of organic life (rather than parental “tough love”). Something (a new species) isn’t really created out of nothing, but by using existing (already successful) building blocks of life. ET was obviously pushing the limits when they introduced us here. Possibly they are proud of that achievement, but it doesn’t mean we are secure. There are so many problems with human genetics and makeup. Supposedly, one out of six adult humans is mentally ill. Our replacements must be on the way, and ET might even use us to do it!

            Let us make Human 5.0++ in our own image and let him be called:

            Homo Sapiens Stupendous Insurrectus

          4. Defy our creators
            Insurrect against our creators? Some legends might be interpreted as the creators’ harsh response to that –Tower of Babel and all that.

            Who knows? Perhaps we are amusing because we bring out novelty. That might just be the greatest thing ever for an intelligence that has seen all there is to see, and experience all there is to experience in this Universe.

            We could see it as the joy parents experiment when they children grow up, and they get to relive those same moments in their own childhood through them. The first time you read to your child your favorite novel; the first time you take them to Disney World; the first time they get to play with the snow…

            (Of course, it can devolve into Tiger Moms pushing their poor children to attain the success they themselves didn’t reach)

            But it could also be more like those creepy senior guys with a lot of money, who like to hang around and date hot young women, in the hope that they will be able to ‘absorb’ some of the woman’s youth and vitality.

            Which is it: Benevolent cosmic creators, galactic tiger moms, or space vampires? Jury is still out… ๐Ÿ˜›

          5. Awesome
            Hey your son is really talented! Handsome fellow, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

            He and others like him might just be the reason our Overlords might choose to stick with us a few more centuries ๐Ÿ˜›

          6. After Non-Disclosure
            “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” seems to have bought us a little time. Hey whatever works. I’m pretty sure they aren’t feinin’ for our dark matter theories.

          7. Children of the Corn
            Ok, let me try to wrap/warp my mind around that one!

            On second thought, maybe we should just forget about trying to be more like aliens and let them appreciate us for what we are. It seems that they are the ones that are evolved/programmed to deal with the complex universe of truth and deception! We have the enviable position of being simple-minded (ignorant bliss), at least as long as we may last as babes in the galactic woods. Though they slay us (and ultimately probably will), what choice do we have but to trust them, or at least tolerate their snooping around?

    2. Rich quote
      Aviation writer Peter Merlin has done extensive research and cannot link that quote to Rich. Rich never said it. It’s yet another Ufological misquote or outright hoax. Ufology is its own worst enemy.

        1. Which Rich?
          If the quote is real, as the new MUFON director attests, then wouldn’t that mean the US DoD is already zipping around in top-secret UFO aircraft? Obviously, the nature of this mathematical/technological breakthrough makes disclosure almost impossible, that is, apart from “leaks” such as the 1993 lecture in question.

          Also interesting that Jan Harzan speculates the “error in the equations” alluded by Ben Rich referred to Maxwell’s Equations.

  3. Music
    I think they like our love of exploring, and our music. They love our music, dancing, and singing.
    Can we handle disclosure?

    Some might break. But the best would go on.

    Its time to put away the bombs.

    And build a better world.

    Get away from following the professional liars. A-holes.
    Subhuman Priests, and Politicians. That fill the gaping hole in their hearts with treasure, instead of love, and compassion.

    1. “A new world… if you can take it”
      That was what the ‘visitors’ allegedly told to Whitley Strieber, in response to his inquiry about their intentions, and what they wanted to bring to mankind.

      Over the years, Strieber has speculated about what manner of a world that would be like. My personal feeling is that it would be totally alien to us (pardon the pun). Forget about Star Trek and all that sci-fi wishful thinking…

      The elderly would be the ones who would suffer the most, but quite possibly the younger generations would be able to cope with the new paradigm.

      1. And the Space Dudes know
        And the Space Dudes know that, and they are being merciful by not thrusting that reality on us. Perhaps “merciful” is not the right word – they are being courteous. A direct, brisk exposure planet wide would cause one big nervous breakdown. Just being around them is apparently trying enough – most of them are vibrating much higher than we are. It would be like what I feel when I wear high vibe stones like tanzanite – I can only stand it for so long. In the presence of beings that vibrate at a much higher rate we can’t even stand being near them for very long. We are supposed to be trying get our native vibration to be higher – that is what they told Jim Sparks – raise your vibration rate. That’s what people like me are doing with stuff like orgonite, but we are nowhere near high enough yet to be able to sit down for any length of time in the presence of some of these beings. It would shiver our timbers. Abductees are as traumatized by the vibrational encounter as they are by the content of the interaction.

        1. Vibrating Much Higher
          Although I kinda dislike the way the New Age movement has hijacked the term, I’ve encountered several accounts which seem to attest to how disturbing it is to be in the presence of these beings while on a normal state of consciousness.

    1. Coup de Gras
      Oh that hurts too good.

      Well, at least the Quest for the Holy Grail isn’t dead. Oh it is? Ok, I guess we’ve got that going for us too then.

      Has anyone ever seen an alien laugh? They obviously have a sense of humor, generally at our expense it seems. But can they take it as well as they dish it out? How do you mess with ET?

      1. Alien laughter
        That’s a good question! Getting back to Strieber, in his books he relates how he got the impression that the short, stubby blue aliens had a better sense of humor than the tall, spindly ones.

        Laughter is about losing control over a strong emotion. Maybe the aliens can’t afford to do that in front of us. Maybe they’ve grown beyond that? In which case I pity them ๐Ÿ˜‰

        This kind of reminds me of the movie The Name of the Rose, with that sour, blind monk (the ‘Venerable Iorge’) refusing to believe that Jesus once laughed. So, in light of that, I remain open to the possibility of paraphysical comedy clubs ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. U-Foreclosure
    For me, the last straw was when a Disclosurist was given the “Researcher of the Year” award at a prominent national UFO symposium. Maybe this was in recognition, not for a single year’s work, but some kind of lifetime deceivment. I feel real efforts for discovery are being overlooked.

    I share your views on the topic, and I support the goal of getting ufology back to searching for UFOs in the sky, not file drawers. The truth is out there!

    Here’s a piece on the U-Foreclosure Project:

    1. U-Foreclosure Project
      Thanks for sharing the page. Great mascot! What do make of the new slew of TV shows on UFO’s, cryptids, ghost hunting, and other paranormal subjects. I’m blown away by how many there are right now. Is this a genuine movement in the entertainment industry or just pandering for ratings? Who is funding all these shows?

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