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A Moon-walking Army: Did Michael Jackson try to CLONE Himself?

Probably the best way to start the Halloween festivities: A recent news spreading around the interwebs, that Michael Jackson spent millions of dollars before his untimely death in an attempt to clone himself. Just another WTF! myth to ensure his long-lasting cultural legacy, or does the story have any (dancing) legs?

According to author and UFO researcher Michael Luckman –who’s no stranger to controversial allegations— the King of Pop paid a fortune to Europeans geneticists, because his wish was that his clones would carry on his legacy after his death. From The Boys from Brazil to The Boys from Neverland!

Michael C. Luckman claims the information was given to him from the late celebrity fashion designer Andre Van Pier – who designed stage costumes for Jackson and his sisters.

Luckman told BANG Showbiz: ”Van Pier first learned of the futuristic cloning experiments and the secret sperm deposits from a close associate at a longevity centre based in Panama. Michael’s enthusiasm for cloning began with the successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep and escalated following false claims by the Raelians, a UFO cult group with headquarters in Canada, that they had cloned the first human baby.”

Luckman, who has just finished his book ‘The Battle for Michael Jackson’s Soul’, believes the cloning process could even be being carried out now.

The author says: ”Michael wanted this happen, and spent time and money trying to achieve his goal. We could see many dead stars resurrected with science. Canadian dentist Dr. Michael Zuk purchased one of John Lennon’s teeth at auction and has announced plans to use the DNA from the tooth to create a perfect double of the former Beatle.”

It’s a bit hard to take this story seriously; but even if Jackson did try to preserve his genetic material for posterity –and let’s be honest, he wasn’t particularly famous for making sound economic decisions with his money– we know fully well that heredity plays only a part in the make-up of a human being. Even if you had a perfect genetic copy of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or even Jesus, that does not guarantee the clone would be able to replicate the accomplishments of its ‘original’. Would Michael have agreed to submit his clones to the same pain and abuse he suffered himself as a child?

Personally, I prefer the fact that there will never be another King of Pop, and what better way to honor his memory, than to enjoy what still is the best, god-damned music video of all time?

Happy Halloween, Grailers!


[Link: Michael Jackson cloned himself before death]

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