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News Briefs 22-09-2014


Thanks, Percival.

Quote of the Day:

To all climate change deniers, before you start posting about how there have been periodic major droughts in California for thousands of years, please name the branch of science that provided you that information. I’ll answer that for you – climate science. Now please provide an explanation for why you accept the conclusions of climate science regarding the distant past but reject its conclusions about today’s climate. Please include examples of why conclusions about the Earth’s past climates are more rigorous than conclusions about today’s climate.

Timothy Doran, in a comment here.

  1. Killing Bigfoot
    I’m getting a little tired of all these “hillbillies after monsters” shows. First Mountain Monsters, now Alaska Monsters and Swamp Monsters, and finally this lovely steaming pile of….scat. But this movie seems to be the worst of all. It makes all hunters and hillbilly folk look like bloodthirsty “lets go kill him and hang him on a wall” people (they kind of all do really). I hate to play the role of animal activist here but just going out and mindlessly shooting something simply for proof that it exists seems disrespectful to the animal and it’s something a scientist worth his/her merit would never condone. We don’t live in the 1800s anymore, we don’t need to kill something to prove it exists. We need people with open minds and scientific study and the funding to do that study. And any body they “put on the slab” is going to be immediately picked apart as a hoax. i feel like this movie will come up empty handed and be nothing more than an extension of what we already see on TV. I live in a hunting community, with people you could classify as “mountain folk” (except we have no mountains), and while I don’t hunt myself, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many a hunter who actually respect what they hunt after. I just don’t take this ind of thing seriously anymore. I believe that Sasquatch is out there but these guys aren’t helping the case. At least they worked hard on the name of their organization πŸ˜›

    *summons Emlong*
    Have at it brother…

    1. The “monsters” genre on the
      The “monsters” genre on the TV lately is quite farcical. You might note that for all of the shows there is this generic monster howl – it pretty much is identical for any given monster. I can’t believe the ratings are holding up for these shows – may be they aren’t, and this will be the first and last season. I have wondered aloud before on this forum if there is a covert or unstated theme here that is trying to paint all cryptid hunters as goofy and barely coherent slobs, and once again I will rise to defend all my hillbilly friends, but these fellows on the show are caricatures in many ways. It is an insult all across the board.

      1. Monsters in our brains ;TV Shows
        It seems most TV that I see in the US is Dumb, disturbing, and sick. Oh and lets not forget , scaring the shit out of you with very disturbing TV adds for movies that really ill people would want to see, or make even. I wish it was farcical. I too believe there is an agenda. The “news” tells little or nothing new, and only seems to create anxiety and fear!? At least that is my reaction. What is going on is that I rarely watch TV, and when I do it just gets more, and more disturbing. What do you think? Why this mindset in “entertainment”, and were is it leading?

      2. holy s***
        I just watched Alaska Monsters from a DVR recording and it’s the same, the exact same damn show as Mountain Monsters. Down to every last detail even the order in which they edit the scenes and the same theme song. By the second episode they hot wired and stole a truck while trying to escape the monster! Dafuq!

        This is just terrible. I hope they returned the truck πŸ˜›

    1. Depression and RNA
      Wait a minute here – the article on RNA blood markers for depression is alleging that cognitive therapy actually alters RNA? Maybe I am missing something here, or is this not a momentous discovery above and beyond the topic of depression? What other instances are there of cognitive therapy altering DNA and RNA? I mean I know that lots of fringe theorists have been alleging this for years, but I did not know it had been formally accepted by the medical establishment.

  2. Gas Chmabers Unearthed
    And yet David Irving will see naught but a sports complex, complete with indoor handball courts and showers. Notice all the water nozzles?

    I might one day read an apologia for Holocaust Denial if ever a proponent could be found who also didn’t in his heart of hearts yearn to see every last Jewish man, woman and child driven into the Mediterranean. Funny how those two tend to go together.

    1. However, don’t let every TV
      However, don’t let every TV show with “monsters” in the title automatically be rejected. The Destination America channel does have a pretty good show called “Monsters and Mysteries In America.” Usually has live interviews with the people who interacted with the whatever-they-were critters. Some of the interviewees are very convincing. My favorite episode contained the “Evil Gnomes” segment with an interview with a family that had the bizarre and creepy interaction. To watch it on Youtube you have to pony up two dollars, but the entire show for that night was high quality – “Hell Hounds” In Palm Springs and “Bigfoot Wars.” Again, all of these stories are sprinkled with interviews of people who do not appear to be actors.

        1. Can you imagine having been
          Can you imagine having been any member of that family? I mean, that is everyone’s primordial fear – running into a small, growling gnome that laughs like an old, sick man and fiddles with door locks. So, either the family interviewed is involved in an elaborate deception, or it really happened. I am inclined to think it really did happen which means our primal fear of that scenario has a basis in fact.

          Then there was the Hell Hounds story with the two separate sightings and the mauled car. WTF? Hell Hounds? Can it be that these hoary old tales all have a basis in fact? Are these chimeras brought into our plane by imagination as Vallee has asserted? I would love to know what was going on when these two events occurred. Was it a time of planetary stress or some kind of stress in the local landscape? Could these portals be opened up by things like microwave towers (one of my favorite theories:

          (see the “Ghost Intervention” subheading)

          1. hell hounds
            I think that hell hounds may be a more down to earth genetic cross between feral dogs and wolves/coyotes or just a cross between wolves and coyotes. The science is all wrong. Biologists don’t believe there are wolves in the Southern states but there are. They are coming down from Canada on their own 4 legs and making the journey. A wolf can easily traverse 50 miles a night or more and can follow the main roads. Fish and Game deny it up and down and there is all these people who say they are seeing wolves and not coyotes. I have to give the show Swamp Monsters some credit, on there premiere episode they actually did have a real biologist studying this phenomenon throughout the show and he wasn’t in direct contact with the hosts. They did film a wolf walking around and when the “hillbilly” hosts saw it they didn’t want to mindlessly kill it, they thought it was beautiful. The other possibility is someone had them as a pet and they got out only to become rabid or feral over time. Feral dogs like this kill more livestock and endanger more people in rural and now suburban areas than wolves, pumas and bears combined, and a big factor of this is that coyotes don’t fear people like wolves do. So when they cross the hybrid also has no fear.

          2. But the Hell Hounds on the
            But the Hell Hounds on the television show mauled the steel body of a car in manner far exceeding what any canine would be capable of. Look at the marks on the car – it looks a T-Rex tore into it. Something highly paranormal took place

          3. yes
            I saw the episode and I’m not saying it’s not supernatural, but I do like to look at other possibilities first. I can’t say it’s not supernatural, but it’s similar to the lizard man attacks on care in Louisiana and the bayou areas. Florida has had a booming black bear population lately too. I would like more research to be done on the hell hound phenomena in Florida. The people in Palm Springs should set up cameras on their houses to catch some more evidence.

          4. Understandable. I only became
            Understandable. I only became “Springs” literate when my business started mailing out stuff all over the country.

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