News Briefs 18-09-2014

Happy birthday to my favorite museum!

Thanks to Rick & Kat

Quote of the Day:

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.”

~Martin Luther King

  1. Understanding “terrorism”
    Given that the vast majority of “Islamic terror” events are in fact false flag ops staged by western “interests” intent on keeping the Middle East and Central Asia stirred up and open to disarray and resource exploitation it is quite understandable that many people would be skeptical of the whole Islam/West dichotomy being perpetrated on the media consuming public. A lot of the dialogue is being shaped by staged theatrical “terror” events, and there promises to be much more – ISIS being but the latest con.

    1. atheist and…everything else
      …..ugh, just ugh.

      Atheist need to get the illogical definition that Religion = War out of their heads. Sam is not alone, sadly, in his “beliefs.” Bill Maher also proclaims often on his show that because of religion bad stuff happens. NO! Because of HUMANS the teaching of a religion can be misinterpreted and taken out of context for thousands of years. Humans wrote the Bible – NOT God. And the teachings of the Bible have become nothing more than an over-saturated game of telephone soaked in the brine of the media. As a professor of mine used to say, “If you go looking for an excuse for killing puppies in the Bible, you’ll find one,” meaning that people are interpreting their religious teachings, whatever they may be, with what they want to hear and what they assume is correct. Not necessarily with what the point was trying to get across. When it comes to the Quran, there is one line in there that basically has Mohammed saying you have to fight for what your country and what you believe in, something we all learn as children on a Saturday morning cartoon. But the terrorists are using that as an excuse for Jihad. That doesn’t mean we have to stop reading the Quran or erase entire religions off the face of the earth, it means we have to stop the terrorists, who are HUMANS. KILLING. HUMANS.

      I’m tired of Atheist saying we need to eradicate religion. The earliest of humankind developed language through stories about the animals and places around them, which later became the basis for religion. And because of some bad eggs those stories became something out of context. I feel like Atheism has become less of a detachment from God and more of a popularity contest or bandwagon, since everyone seems to think they should be Atheist for the wrong reasons. Me an a friend were discussing this one day and she brought up a personal story about her sister. Her sister started calling herself Atheist because “she thought herself better than God.” No I’m not kidding. Now that isn’t technically true Atheist because by striving to be better than God, you still accept his existence, but if you call yourself an Atheist…well now your trying to be better than nobody. I think even Richard Dawkins would see the flaw in that logic! Needless to say she started believing in God again…why? Because her daughter got sick and died from a rare illness. So yeah……don’t become an Atheist just because you think it’s cool or hip. Atheist is not an iPhone, you don’t need it because everyone says it’s cool.

      1. Teacher

        As a professor of mine used to say, “If you go looking for an excuse for killing puppies in the Bible, you’ll find one,[…]”

        Looks like you had an undercover Grailer in your school :3

        And I feel sorry for your friend’s sister :[

  2. texting and walking
    They tried this in New York too I believe to see if it works, having one lane for no phones at all and one lane for phones. Within the first few hours no one paid any attention to the paint on the sidewalk I think i have a better solution:

    1. I get it!


      ZOMG! This makes total sense now! Remember that bear walking on two legs in New Jersey? I bet this one on the video just wanted that texting moron to let him play Candy Crush Saga! 😛

      1. My apologies for injecting
        My apologies for injecting the Esurance Candy Crush commercial here, but I love it. The advertising battle between the major insurers is one of the few reasons to watch television these days. They are spending major money with some clever ad agencies.

        1. Owl
          I am fully behind all of the owl paranormal stuff, but perhaps it needs pointing out here that any of the raptors like to investigate recently disturbed foliage because it disrupts lanes of travel and hiding for mice leaving them more confused and vulnerable and easier to catch.

          1. That said, the owl incidents
            That said, the owl incidents he reports don’t appear to be caused by that sort of thing, but the crop circle flyover…maybe.

          2. There is this incident
            There is this incident reported in Kewaunee Laperitus’s “The Psychic Sasquatch” in which a fellow camped out in the wilds of Washington state got into telepathic communication with a very obtrusive hawk who turned out to be a sort of observation drone for a hive of ET’s who were hanging out in an underground base nearby. Sasquatches were also used to scare him off when he got too close. Kewaunee has heard a lot of such stories about ET’s or some kind of advanced intelligence co-opting animals to do surveillance and guard duty.

          3. Observation drone
            Well, I can tell you that’s some of the ideas Mike has contemplated in his research; a concept first proposed to him by none other than Whitley Strieber, because owls –with their supreme observation skills both at night as well as daytime– would be the perfect biological surveillance system.

            I’m not sure I necessarily agree with it, although I do think that from a shamanistic point of view, it could make quite a lot of sense. After all, we hear stories of how native shamans come in contact with their spirit animal in this weird psychic connection; in the Aztec cosmovision, those animals are known as nagüales, and if the animal is killed, the brujo would also die.

          4. Sure
            I don’t know; we tend to think of ‘magic’ as accomplishing impossible things by disrupting the laws of Nature, right? But I’ve been thinking lately that maybe it’s the other way around: Magic (with a k at the end) is knowing the flow of Nature, and using that flow to YOUR advantage.

            So, from that point of view, then the fact that somehow a formation appears in a crop which naturally lures in animals with a lot of mystical overtones (owls) is not devoid of magic in itself. After all, the term ‘supernatural’ is ludicrous because it assumes there are things beyond the scope of Nature, and that’s a very arrogant supposition if you ask me.

          5. owls and candy crush
            Totally off topic moment:

            I do not like Otis from Candy Crush 😛
            That god damned bird pisses me off in dream land constantly. I’ve been ignoring it and just playing the main crush game.

            I love owls, have no problem with them whatsoever. They keep the mice population down. But I hate Otis.

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