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News Briefs 03-07-2014

July 2nd is as much a worthy date to celebrate World UFO Day, as the USA team is a worthy candidate to win the World Cup championship.

Oh wait…

Quote of the Day:

“[Cryptozoologists] have been, I think, quite badly treated by scientists over the past 50 years.”

~Doctor Bryan Sykes

  1. elixir
    I love this story! I dig for bottles and I collect medicines and “snake oils.” This is a great find. A friend of mine was doing some dredging on a local beach and he discovered glass from a hotel that burned down in the early 1900s. Another friend does construction in my town and unearthed the remains of a glass foundry. So when I here stories like this I get all excited because this is what I love to do. Somewhere in time…the Count was in New York 😉

    1. Thanks
      I’m so glad you liked that one. I felt it was pretty special too, and it offered some insight on the things we’ve considered to be helpful in restoring our health & prolonging life.

      The final paragraph about the many myths discussing elixirs of immortality was incredibly thought-provoking as well.

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