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News Briefs 01-05-2014

Rest in peace, Eddie.

Quote of the Day:

“I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way”

~Jessica Rabbit

  1. Squamish Sasquatch
    Of course, the video itself is too grainy to tell what it is for sure, but the reactions of the climbers to what they are seeing with the naked eye is quite compelling. I am personally convinced of the reality of sasquatch in the first place, so I think this has a high probability of being what the climbers think it to be as well. Notable too is the comment one of them makes abut how quickly the being gains ground – a typical observation about sasquatch – they are fast when they want to be.

    1. Reaction
      Über skeptics might argue the guys staged the whole thing using a 3rd companion; but IMO I think you’re right: they sound sincere in their puzzlement –and honestly it seems like too much effort just to play a hoax on Youtube.

      1. Bigfuuuuuuuuuuuuu
        I don’t think it was a hoax but I don’t think there is enough info in the video to say it’s Bigfoot. And for someone who is in the “middle of nowhere” he got there pretty easily. I think that all the hoaxes on Youtube have made it difficult to put any evidence on there and still retain credibility. Too many guys yell “You’re a big fat phoney!”

  2. E.T.
    Never mind the millennia of archeology being slowly turned into condominiums…THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE is archeology of the new age!

    Now get me my shovel!


  3. Should a Chimp be allowed to Sue?
    Short answer, NO, because a chimp would get nothing out of it. The chimp would prefer to maul them to death if they were abused or experimented on, and who would blame them? Unfortunately if you have a chimp, or tiger, or giant fauna of some kind as a “pet” it’s only a matter of time before it attacks either you or someone in the neighborhood.

    I really would like it if we stopped experimenting on chimps and all animals in general.

  4. “Should a chimp be allowed to sue its owner?”
    Indeed they should. And so, too, should other animals such as elephants, whales, porpoises and so many more that have proven to be intelligent, self-aware beings who,just because they don’t walk and talk and wear clothes and text while driving vehicles, are treated as not-worthy.

    Maybe Steven Wise and his group could help the Orcas suffering as slaves in places like Sea World in California.

    It’s way past time for the human species to recognize the rest of the planet’s other creatures as worthy and equals as part of the natural order of all things on this living sphere. As Red Green would say, “we’re all in this together”, including non-human beings.

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