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Thinking Allowed on Channeling

Thinking Allowed was an independent TV series hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, in which he interviewed some of the most radical thinkers in fields on the borders of mainstream science, ranging from Eastern mysticism to UFO abductions. IMO it represents a trailblazing example of what great television can be.

I was first introduced to it by my friend Mike Clelland; as many of you know, Mike has devoted his blog Hidden Experience to explore subjects like the UFO phenomenon, its involvement with a few selected individuals –for reasons we have yet to elucidate– & psychic channeling as an occasional outcome of such interactions. Adequately enough, the latest clip provided by the Thinking Allowed Youtube channel, deals with the latter subject; it’s a segment of an interview with professor Arthur Hastings, who provides a very sobering & cautionary point of view about channeling, and why we should not take the word of incorporeal entities for granted –if that’s what we’re dealing with– just because they happen to be communicating to us from ‘the other side’:

Stay on your guard, & watch out for the Trolliens 😉

  1. Reminds me of an episode of
    Reminds me of an episode of the now defunct series “Paranormal State” which visited a woman who had become an EVP junky. She spent all of her time recording EVP’s – most of them quite legitimate until finally there was nothing much left of her life with anyone else. Finally, the famous psychic Lorraine Warren came by, sized up the situation, and had the poor besotted woman throw her tape recorder into the ocean ceremonially breaking the habit.

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