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News Briefs 20-03-2014

So long, Tata. Thank you for all the fond childhood memories :'(

  • Sugars found in Tequila may protect against obesity & diabetes –like I needed a further excuse. SALUD!!
  • France bans Monsanto GM maize ahead of sowing season.
  • The toxic-paved road to Idiocracy.
  • Half of Americans believe in medical conspiracy theories. If you consider denying the medical benefits of marijuana a conspiracy, then count me –& Sanjay— in.
  • Cancer: Definitely NOT a modern illness.
  • Should we or shouldn’t we clone a woolly mammoth?
  • The Grimerica Show interviews Daniel Estulin, author of TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction [Amazon US & UK].
  • Pimp my Planet: Twin NASA probes find ‘zebra stripes’ in Earth’s radiation belt.
  • New Star Wars film to be set 30 years after the battle of Endor –I sense a great disturbance in the Force, like a hundred Photoshop retouching artists, sighing in relief…
  • Were rumors of alien dead bodies recovered by the US Military part of a psyops/disinformation campaign? A thought-provoking essay by Nick Redfern.
  • …Speaking of which, Dream team member Kevin Randle revisits the recent Roswell slides brouhaha.
  • Lost & Found in Psychic Space: The use of ESP to locate missing planes.
  • Has the time come for floating cities? Well DUH!
  • Forget about the Mouse! Here’s a theme park for Mole Men.
  • Don’t panic, but the 30th anniversary edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is available online.
  • Red Pill of the Day: MMA + Robocop = UWM.

Thanks to Kat, Susan, Erick & Benito Bodoque.

Quote of the Day:

“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

~Douglas Adams

  1. Star Wars

    great…now we have to slog through the 30 years worth of fanfiction that’s in between then and now. God dammit Disney! and screw it all I liked The Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network, why the fuck they had to cancel!!! 51 episodes (or so I’ve heard) and several disappointed writers later because Disney said it was too violent.

    Sorry, I’m a nerd who occasionally still watches cartoons.

  2. Floating cities
    Although not of my home town, the “Well DUH” link actually is not to unlike what happened to my office and home town after Hurricane Sandy. Now people are rising up rather than wanting to touch the water. Good luck getting shore communities, THE biggest economical draw for most of the US and also the world, to agree to this. even my friend who lives on a house boat comes in shore some time. There’s a lot of risk if these cities become like a bath toy in a tub bobbing around and waiting for Poseidon to shit on their parade. Also at the rate we are going with the oceans, we should probably worry about fixing the environmental issues first.


    1. Water world
      You’re implying that beach real estate will remain an attractive investment. With rising sea levels & stronger hurricanes, that may not be the case at all.

      1. I’m implying
        That people who have experienced disaster may not be so friendly to the idea of a floating city. But yeah as sea levels rise this is going to continue to be an issue. I have no doubt in my mind that in a few decades (or sooner) I may need a boat to get around 😛

  3. Clone a mammoth?
    Should we clone a mammoth? Sure! What could possibly go wrong? We know everything there is to know about reintroducing an extinct species from the pristine environment of 50,000 years ago into the modern day atmosphere, and we know exactly how, say, the mammoth’s gut bacteria would interact with humans today. And because the project scientists are interested only in the advancement of knowledge and not just their careers, they haven’t been at all secretive and surely they’ve have opened the project to outside scrutiny, and must have invited scientists from all over the world to fully review their work and comment on possible cloning outcomes. And certainly they’re moving very, very slowly, because they want to anticipate every possible consequence of cloning a mammoth.

    So there couldn’t possibly be anything to worry about. After all, when has it ever been wrong to trust scientists with the most important decisions about life on earth?

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