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News Briefs 17-03-2014

F*@k the Illuminate

Thanks to Greg and Kat for links

Quote of the Day:

Symbols are to the mind what tools are to the hand – an extended application of its powers

Dion Fortune

  1. poor illuminate
    and their poor choice of a name…
    does anyone else get kicked back to the same twitter page and are not able to see the image he posted, or is it just me and my lack of an updated flash player?


  2. psychic powers
    dat picture <_< good god the poor cat...completely distracted me from the topic. However, any trauma to the brain can open up pathways (or unfortunately close them) that were not open before. I strongly believe that at one time humans were more psychic then they are now and it wasn't considered an extra sense.

  3. Giordano Bruno!
    The old idea of Bruno as a martyr to modern astronomy was effectively debunked by Frances Yates in her 1964 book “Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition.” The book is worth reading; as are the works of Bruno himself, who was a wild and spirited thinker.

    If you’re ever in Rome, do visit the Campo de’ Fiori, where a statue of Bruno marks his execution. Groups of atheists, agnostics, pantheists, and free-thinkers regularly meet there to argue: a cheery sight!

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