News Briefs 10-03-2014

“Nonsense is nonsense, but the history of nonsense is scholarship.”

  • Earliest British examples of metal-working and wood turning found on Dartmoor.
  • Tubs of flour provide clue to earthquake lights phenomenon.
  • Study reveals astronomical alignment of Nabatean monuments including Petra.
  • Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences. Or do they?
  • Epistemic vigilance in the nursery. Some people mistake circular arguments for a sign of authority. 3-year-olds know better.
  • Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun is slowly turning into a pile of dust.
  • Why King Tut’s DNA is fuelling race wars.
  • No Planet X.
  • One day, your antivirus software may kill you, let alone your killer robots.
  • The growing Israeli pagan scene.
  • “Dark matter MAY have killed the dinosaurs” does not equate to “Dinosaurs were NOT wiped out by dark matter”. Just sayin’.
  • The emerging science of the self.
  • Do the dead outnumber the living?
  • How many times has Dr. Robert Schoch been wrong? asks Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

Quote of the Day:

The human mind is a delusion generator, not a window to truth.

Scott Adams